Published On: Thu, Jan 31st, 2019

The Latest Smash Bros. Ultimate Update Removes "Jack" And "Brave" Codenames

@Andrew_R_2000 I’m not a Camilla fan though we entirely trust a problem isn’t too many FE reps, it’s too many FE sword regulating reps. Most FE lords tend to be sword users, hence a problem, though an mattock or pierce user would be excellent for Smash, it’d play really differently. Meanwhile, Marth, Roy, Lucian, and Chrom are all approach too identical in playstyles – they have their differences, sure, though they only aren’t enough. I’d adore it if we had Hector it, God forbid, Ephraim (who never gets any love). And if we aren’t singular to lords/avatars, afterwards there’s a ton of variety, from manaketes to bards! Tiki? Nils and Ninian (as a combo)? Of course, that won’t happen, though my indicate is, a biggest problem is we only keep removing variations on Marth, and many aren’t even deliberate echoes when some echoes differ from their bottom impression most more!

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