Published On: Fri, Jan 11th, 2019

The Latest Smash Bros. Ultimate Glitch Creates Horrifyingly Large Pikmin


Yet another Super Smash Bros. Ultimate glitch has been doing a rounds online in that players can renovate a distance of their Pikmin, creation them a diabolical monsters we always suspected they competence be.

Shared recently on Twitter by @kangroo221, and clearly creatively found a few weeks ago by @DBlank20xx, a glitch can usually be achieved underneath really sold circumstances. The Pikmin usually grow to their new-found full intensity when in a participation of a Mother Brain support trophy, as seen below; a Smash Bros. array already creates them most incomparable than their common 1cm size, so this additional expansion is flattering crazy.

You can try this out for yourself during home if you’re interested; simply set adult a unfolding where one actor uses a Mother Brain support prize (the Training options will be best for this) and have a second actor control Captain Olimar. As a Mother Brain grows, hurl your Pikmin directly on to her and watch them grow accordingly. You can see it in movement in this video from a folks over during GameXplain.

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