Published On: Fri, Jun 5th, 2020

The Latest Pokémon Twilight Wings Episode Contains Cool Nods To Sword And Shield’s Launch

Sword and Shield on Switch. You can watch a full part above, so we’d titillate we to check that out before reading on if we don’t wish to be marred forward of time.

Watched it? Good, let’s take a closer look.

First brought to a courtesy by Twitter user @TAHK0, there are dual moments in a part that couple behind to Sword and Shield’s prerelease build-up. The some-more apparent of a dual is a stage below, where a Galarian Ponyta can be speckled on a shade behind Oleana. The stage looks only like Galarian Ponyta’s live tide exhibit (who can forget those 24 hours staring during a digital forest?)

The second comes after in a episode, when Oleana is flicking by her notes. For a briefest second, we see a heavily pixelated picture of Sirfetch’d, only like a one expelled by The Pokémon Company to provoke a Pokémon’s existence to real-life fans.

As @TAHK0 mentions, a part creates it feel like fans were piecing together Oleana’s investigate before Sword and Shield released, that we consider is a unequivocally cold approach to remember a games’ promotional period. These new Pokémon teases were all flattering sparkling during a time for fans of a series, so we wouldn’t contend no to some-more reveals like them in a future.

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Pretty neat, huh?

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