Published On: Sun, Dec 15th, 2019

The Latest Patch For Civilization VI On Switch Resolves Victory Crashes


Last week, we competence remember an emanate inspiring a Switch chronicle of Civilization VI, that resulted in a diversion crashing right before a victory. The growth group was discerning to yield an central response, explaining how we had to “declare war” opposite a crash-causing civilization before a finish of your turn.

Thankfully, we shouldn’t have to worry about your diversion crashing anymore. A new patch now accessible for a Switch chronicle means we can now bucket adult your existent saves and win. That’s supposing we don’t bucket adult an aged one and try to explain a informative victory. Fortunately, there are “no issues” with new diversion saves.

Here’s a full reason by a user over on a Civ subreddit:

Fellow Nintendo Switch players— there is a new patch currently and it appears to have bound a vital “crash on victory” problem. Since we beheld a problem I’ve been hording save files one spin until victory, and with a new patch I’ve been loading them adult one by one and 3 so distant have successfully finished a game.

I had another problem where my gymnasium of celebrity would incidentally disappear — haven’t been means to entirely examine that yet. Hopefully it stopped declining as well.

Edit #1: Domination, Religious, Science victories all operative routinely now with a saves we had watchful a spin before victory. Cultural victories, however, are not. Had informative victories prepared for Kongo, Egypt, and Persia, though nothing of them work. Games continue as normal, notwithstanding carrying some-more than adequate unfamiliar tourists for victories to trigger. Can’t tell if it’s usually on prior saves or if informative victories won’t work for new games either. Will find out soon, we guess, given informative is my favorite feat method.

Edit #2: Happy to news that we only finished a new discerning diversion where we got a informative feat with China with no issues, so it appears to only outcome informative victories of aged saves! Hooray!

Various other users on a subreddit have also settled how a patch has now resolved their possess in-game problems. To review some-more about this emanate and a matter supposing by a game’s developer, check out a strange story.

How has your knowledge been with Civ on a Switch given this patch came out? Comment down below.

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