Published On: Tue, Jan 23rd, 2018

The latest iOS refurbish fixes a glitch that would let others pile-up your phone with a content message

Last week, program developer and researcher Abraham Masri common sum of a bug that would concede others to solidify your iPhone with small some-more than a discerning content message.

Apple has usually pushed out iOS 11.2.5, that rags that issue.

This bug, a likes of that are mostly referred to as a “text bomb,” had a would-be assailant send a URL around content message. When a recipient’s phone started estimate it for preview, a device would start doing all sorts of uncanny things — from freezing, to home shade crashes, to heart panics.

The association frequency says most about a whats and whys of a bug, though it mentions in a confidence records that it stemmed from a approach links perceived in content messages are processed and presented. Apple credits Masri for anticipating a bug.

This refurbish also preps iOS inclination for a entrance launch of Apple’s HomePod speaker, and teaches Siri how to review a news (albeit usually in a U.S., U.K. and Australia) when we contend a right sorcery difference — which, wouldn’t we know it, are “Hey Siri, play a news.” You also can get a bit some-more specific, observant things like “business news” or “sports news.”

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