Published On: Fri, Apr 6th, 2018

The high-stakes conflict for a Pentagon’s winner-take-all cloud contract

There is a conflict afoot, one we competence not have listened about yet, though it involves a high-stakes winner-take-all agreement for a Department of Defense’s cloud contract. It could engage billions of dollars and when a humongous sum of income meets a set of absolute tech companies, amour can’t be distant behind.

The story even has a Star Wars reference with a Pentagon dubbing a plan a Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (or JEDI for short). Who says a Pentagon is staid?

The tech names endangered embody a likes of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Oracle and Rean Cloud, LLC. Wait, what’s that final one doing there we competence ask? Good questions, though Rean Cloud, a small famous Maryland Amazon Web Services partner was awarded a five-year agreement value adult to $950 million in Feb to assistance a DoD with cloud buying and pricing, expected a initial step forward of a cloud agreement itself.

It didn’t take prolonged for a vast guys to start utterance and Oracle (you will hear that name some-more than once in this story), filed a grave censure over a understanding with Government Accountability Office. Not prolonged after, a DoD announced that a understanding was being scaled behind from $950 million to $65 million, still a estimable agreement for a systems integrator we substantially never listened of, though a fragment of a strange deal.

A integrate of days later, a Pentagon announced it was starting a behest routine for a cloud agreement itself. That would be a winner-take-all event for a agreement that could widen for a decade and engage many billions of dollars. The accurate array isn’t clear, though sufficient to contend it’s a humongous sum and each craving cloud association wants this deal.

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As we competence design with a outrageous understanding in Washington, DC, it didn’t take prolonged for politics to enter into a fray. For starters, a Congress began to doubt a singular personality component. They enclosed denunciation in a $1.3 trillion omnibus spending check directing a DoD to explain within 60 days how it skeleton to acquire cloud services in light of a parameters of a cloud behest process. In particular, Congress was endangered about a Pentagon being sealed into a singular businessman for a decade with no genuine approach to behind out and no foe after a initial behest process.

Next, a boss began a array of Tweets opposite Amazon, not indispensably associated to a cloud or a Pentagon contract, though Amazon is a biggest cloud association behest for a vital contract. It’s value observant that White House orator Sarah Huckabee Sanders denied a president’s anti-Amazon position would play a purpose in a agreement award.

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Perhaps not, though Bloomberg reported that Oracle co-CEO Safra Catz met with a boss this week and reportedly criticized a behest routine (again), that could preference Amazon. If you’re wondering since rivals like Oracle and others are concerned, they substantially have reason to be. Oracle came really late to a cloud diversion and is personification catch-up. Certainly a agreement of this distance could go a prolonged approach towards giving a association a outrageous marketplace share and credit lift.

Amazon is a marketplace personality by distant with estimates using between 30 and 40 percent of cloud infrastructure as a use marketshare. In a news on fourth entertain cloud revenue, Synergy Research wrote, “AWS confirmed a widespread position with revenues that exceeded a subsequent 4 closest competitors combined, notwithstanding outrageous strides being done by Microsoft .”

Amazon has some-more than a marketshare advantage, it also has knowledge implementing vast cloud projects for a comprehension village including a $600 million private cloud it built for a CIA in 2013. Of course, Microsoft already has a $927 million agreement with a DoD, so this isn’t indispensably a impact asperse for AWS.

With so most play endangered in a distance and range of a project, a president’s anti-Amazon tweets, Congress’s concerns; chances are nobody will be happy with a formula solely a bid winner. Stay tuned since this isn’t over by a prolonged shot.

We reached out to Amazon, Microsoft and Oracle for comments on this story, though did not hear behind by publication. If we hear from them, we will refurbish a story with comments.

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