Published On: Wed, Aug 23rd, 2017

The Galaxy Note 8’s S Pen has new coop powers, including translation

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 comes with an S Pen, as have prior iterations, though it does a bit some-more than versions past. The new S Pen’s prominence underline competence be a Live Messages ability, that creates shareable animations from scratch and doodles so we can summary and tell them wherever.

The Note 8 S Pen also facilities a interpretation feature, that means we can prominence content with a coop around hovering, that will afterwards yield a retard of translated content in your primary language. This is a cold underline that goes over identical offerings on other inclination in terms of convenience, and works good for business users who are frequently Note 8 fans since of a note-taking abilities.

In further to translation, it also translates banking regulating this same mechanic, that is another good time saver vocalization as a Canadian who frequently deals with American currency. Both of these are flattering good travel-oriented features.

Another cold new S Pen thing – Samsung has softened a always-on arrangement note-taking underline with 100-page capacity, vouchsafing we write on a arrangement while it’s mostly off for longer, that is good for battery refuge and for regulating this while doing other things like holding calls.

The new S Pen ships with a Note 8, and loads into a “chin” on a right side. It’s been a offered underline for a Note line for a while, and I’m indeed tender during how Samsung has iterated a stylus in a intelligent approach with this update.

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