Published On: Thu, Aug 3rd, 2017

‘The Frozen North’ Is Coming To Conan Exiles for Free on Aug 16th, Increasing Landmass by 70%

· A HUGE, NEW LAND: The universe of Conan Exiles has roughly doubled in size! Climb soaring mountains, try low forests, quarrel your approach by large new dungeons, and learn new people, cultures, and settlements.

· WEATHER AND TEMPERATURE: In a north, sleet and sleet can make we solidify to genocide and in a desert, a blazing object can be equally as deadly. Make certain we dress for a continue to stay cold or warm. Camp fires, torches, drinks, and some-more can also assistance we control your temperature.

· NEW BUILDINGS AND RESOURCES: Harvest new resources such as star metal, black ice, and more. Build new homes and whole cities with all new building pieces and furniture, and make certain to use a right materials to possibly keep your home comfortable or cool.

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· NEW RELIGION AND AVATAR: Dedicate your work and ceremony to Ymir, a Lord of Storm and War. Summon his avatar and use his hulk battle-axe to vanquish your enemies!

· NEW ENEMIES: Encounter soaring Frost Giants, inspired wolves, assertive mammoths, and many other new enemies. You contingency also go conduct to conduct opposite new cave bosses such as a terrible and strong Death Knight.

· BREWING AND COOKING: These dual new crafting systems lets we decoction opposite drinks and prepare adult a accumulation of luscious meals. Make mead, wine, absinth, bug soup, demon blood sausage, and more. You can even trap fish and use beekeeping!

· BETTER THAN EVER: The enlargement refurbish brings with it a horde of improvements such as improved combat, improved synthetic comprehension on tellurian enemies, and more. Don’t forget a 28 updates value of additions rolled out over a past 6 months including climbing, encircle equipment, avatar defenses, failing system, and most more!

· NEW ARMOR AND WEAPONS: Star Metal Hammer, Black Ice Broadsword, Hardened Steel Shield, Vanir Fur Armor, and much, most more. There are many opposite new weapons and armor pieces to both find and craft!

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