Published On: Thu, Mar 19th, 2020

The First Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update Gifts Players A Nintendo Switch

Animal Crossing New Horizons IMG 1Animal Crossing New Horizons IMG 1

Earlier this week, Nintendo suggested it would be rolling out a initial vital refurbish for Animal Crossing: New Horizons before a diversion was even released. This refurbish – that is now accessible to download – will give we entrance to online multiplayer facilities and most more. There are also a few surprises in Version 1.1.0.

To appreciate users for downloading a update, Nintendo is giving out a giveaway in-game Switch. When we press it, you’ll get a informed boot-up shade and clicking sound. If we occur to have bought an Animal Crossing themed Switch, you’ll accept this same indication in a game. This refurbish adds a special Nook Inc. carpet as well, that can be purchased with Nook Miles.

Apart from this, a initial refurbish prepares players for a Bunny Day festivities, that take place between 1st Apr – 12th April. When a date reaches 1st Apr (in real-time), a patch (Version 1.1.0a) will be rolled out to activate a event. In sequence to knowledge Easter, you’ll need to make certain you’ve related a Nintendo account.

Last, of all, this refurbish adds support for a NookLink app. This use (located within a Nintendo Switch Online application) will launch on 20th March, during 13:00 JST. NookLink, as formerly detailed, allows we to indicate in patterns with QR Codes and promulgate with friends around content and voice messaging.

You'll get a Animal Crossing Switch if we bought one in genuine life.You'll get a Animal Crossing Switch if we bought one in genuine life.
You’ll get a Animal Crossing Switch if we bought one in genuine life.

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