Published On: Thu, Feb 27th, 2020

The Final Piece Of The ‘Platinum4’ Puzzle Is A "Very Interesting" Secret, Says Studio Head

The 'Platinum4': We already know about dual of a four, though what's next?
The ‘Platinum4’: We already know about dual of a four, though what’s next?

PlatinumGames’ stream ‘Platinum4’ commencement is already off to a flattering clever start; a commencement of a month saw a new Kickstarter debate to get The Wonderful 101: Remastered on Switch (the initial of a Platinum4), and currently has brought news of a second diversion – Project GG.

Naturally, there are dual some-more announcements nonetheless to be made, and while we haven’t got a foggiest on what these competence be, PlatinumGames conduct writer Atsushi Inaba has teased that something special might good be on a way.

Speaking with Japanese repository Famitsu (with interpretation by Siliconera), Inaba says that a final of a 4 is a large secret, and one that will be “very interesting”. This flattering most confirms that it won’t be Bayonetta 3 or presumably anything we already know about – otherwise, how would it be a secret?

No other information has been supposing only yet, such as when we can design to hear about a final dual announcements, so we’ll have to keep an eye out and try not to get too vehement while we wait. If we have any ideas on a arrange of thing we design to be revealed, feel giveaway to post them in a comments below.

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