Published On: Fri, Jun 26th, 2015

The Division – New Video Showcases a Dark Zone

Ubisoft has expelled a new video showcasing The Division’s Dark Zone, a place of contamination, fear and betrayal. Fredrik Rundqvist, The Division’s executive producer, explains what to expect.

Enter a Dark Zone, a walled-off quarantine section in a center of Manhattan where a many profitable rob was left behind when a troops evacuated. It’s also a many dangerous area in a game, where fear, betrayal, and tragedy are high. Team adult with other players to take down your enemies and remove mythological rob around helicopter. It’s your choice to combine with other agents, or conflict them and take their loot.

“It went adult in stages,” Executive Producer Fredrik Rundqvist explains a birth of a Dark Zone. “It started as a simple cordon, though eventually became a full-blown quarantine zone. Eventually a vigour became too many – too many sick, not adequate assist workers, a series of guards dwindled, things pennyless down, and polite disturbance and anarchy ran rampant. A trance was a spike in a coffin that forced a troops to desert a area. They forsaken all they had and headed for a gates, many of them hardly creation it out during all. Left behind were not usually a supplies, medicine and weapons, though also tens of thousands of sick, failing and dead.”

“The Dark Zone is one really vast walled off area in midtown Manhattan that we seamlessly enter from a open world,” says Rundqvist. “It’s a dangerous and riotous place. The enemies and missions here inspire players to group adult in sequence to adult their chances of survival.”

The Division (2)

A harmful pestilence sweeps by New York City, and one by one, simple services fail. In usually days, but food or water, multitude collapses into chaos. The Division, a personal section of self-supported tactical agents, is activated. Leading clearly typical lives among us, Division agents are lerned to work exclusively in sequence to save society. When multitude falls, your goal begins.

Powered by a entirely next-gen Snowdrop engine, Tom Clancy’s The Division sets a new bar in video diversion realism and open universe rendering. Experience a pell-mell and ravaged New York like never seen before.

We will move we any new information on Tom Clancy’s The Division as shortly as it becomes available.

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