Published On: Wed, Aug 23rd, 2017

THE CREW 2 Developer Q&A – Ubisoft Spills The Beans on All The Changes

THE CREW 2, supplement to 2014’s open universe racing game, is now set to launch on Mar 16th, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

During Gamescom 2017, Ubisoft common with a press a developer QA that delves deeply into a new facilities and motorsports disciplines combined to a game. Check it out in a entirety below, alongside new screenshots and a initial gameplay trailer.

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  • What is THE CREW 2?

THE CREW 2 is a newest iteration in a insubordinate open-world pulling authorization The Crew. Capturing a disturb of a American motorsports suggestion in one of a many refreshing open worlds ever created, permitting players to put their skills to a exam in a widest operation of motorsport disciplines, featuring all kinds of cars, bikes, boats and planes. THE CREW 2 opens adult a whole USA to uninterrupted foe and no-limit exploration, for a players to apropos a champion of Motornation, a outrageous and vital open universe USA, done for motorsports.

  • What are a pivotal innovations of THE CREW 2 in comparison to THE CREW?

THE CREW 2 is bringing a totally new prophesy to life desirous by a disturb of a American Motorsports spirit. Here are a core innovations to a franchise:

  • The universe of THE CREW 2 is Motornation: a huge, pleasing and vital open-world distraction of a USA, done for all motorsports. It’s a universe where 4 opposite families have emerged to applaud a American motorsports spirit, in their possess special way: Street Racers flower in over-the-top civic competitions, Pro Racers live for a ideal line, Off-Road explorers take off on journey and Freestylers improvise a craziest tricks.

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  • This gigantic and action-packed land of opportunities is deeply desirous by today’s colourful motorsports reality. In THE CREW 2, foe has developed to embody some-more and some-more automobile forms and disciplines, holding a plea on land, in a sea and in a sky.

  • THE CREW 2 offers an innovative, totally seamless diversion experience, gripping loading screens and menus to a unclothed smallest and introducing facilities like a Fast Fav, permitting players to switch from their favorite cars, bikes, boats or planes with a press of a button. It gives players a uninformed clarity of leisure and unleashes a game’s full intensity for fun and craziness.

  • THE CREW 2 is revelation your unequivocally possess story, providing a wholly tailored diversion experience. The actor is during a core of his possess adventure, totally giveaway to select his singular trail to turn a motorsports champion.

  • What are a team’s inspirations?

THE CREW 2 is deeply desirous by today’s real-world motorsports, privately in a US. Not usually in a approach foe has developed to embody some-more and some-more disciplines, nonetheless also in a approach fans see their passion and live it on a daily basis. American motorsports have always had a repute for pulling a pouch – radical disciplines like Monster Truck and dragster racing are a explanation of that. And in today’s connected world, it has turn a many colourful and innovative scene. Anyone can invent new ways to plea themselves and a engine, record their performance, share it worldwide and make it a subsequent vast thing. This universe is free, unpredictable, action-packed and many of all, inclusive. Anyone can join and anyone can take a spotlight. This is what we recreated in THE CREW 2, this is what we call Motornation.

  • What is a game’s artistic vision?

The universe of THE CREW 2 is a code new take on a USA. Called Motornation, it’s a place where a passion for all motorsports accommodate pleasing and opposite settings, a ideal nation for fans and champs to accumulate and applaud a American motorsports spirit. It is outrageous and action-packed, nonetheless many of all, it is ideally done for an implausible accumulation of disciplines, from transport racing to aerobatics and convene raid, to name only a few. For any of those disciplines, there are ideal spots all opposite a US. This is where you’ll take partial in high-octane contests, contrast your skills on all kinds of terrains, holding a plea on a ground, in a sea and in a sky. And of course, drivers are totally giveaway to learn this good open universe on their possess terms, behind a circle of their favorite ride, solo or with their friends. Like in real-life, one is never unequivocally finished exploring a USA!

  • What are a motorsports families and what is their purpose in THE CREW 2?

There are 4 motorsports families in THE CREW 2: Street Racing, Off-Road, Pro Racing and Freestyle. They any paint a opposite approach to live a passion for motorsports, with a singular culture, character and objective. They’re sparse all over a country, holding over iconic places and terrains that compare their specific needs, moulding a whole USA into a universe of hurdles and opportunities.

Take a Street Racing family, for example. Street Racers possess a cities. Showing off in heavily customized rides, anticipating new ways to float in style. In Motornation, transport racing comes with a twist: it isn’t about only losing a cops anymore, nonetheless transforming a whole city into a place of open competition. That means a probability to cranky buildings by shortcuts or by pulling on rooftops, and a few elements of warn like ramps that will concede players to do tricks and benefit speed, and some-more generally an radical civic formulation tailored for transport racing disciplines.

We’re also display a bit some-more of a Off-Road motorsports family this week during Gamescom. Off-road is unequivocally about going off a beaten track, admiring nonetheless also taming nature. In some cases, like in Rally Raid, it means we have to forge your possess trail opposite a forest to a finish line, while Motocross takes place on specific playgrounds where a turf has been done to concede jumps and some complicated two-wheel challenges.
This same proof relates to all 4 families, nonetheless we’ll share some-more information about them later.

  • How is a actor knowledge opposite in The Crew 2 compared to The Crew?

In THE CREW 2, a players’ ultimate idea is to turn a champion of Motornation. The approach they grasp that idea is wholly adult to them, though. Every time they will compete, try and plea themselves and others, they will stand adult a ladder of fame. They’ll get some impulse among a 4 motorsports families and get their hands on a far-reaching accumulation of disciplines. They are giveaway to preference one or all of them, to transport solo or with friends. The critical thing is they find their style, file their skills and get a name out there.

  • What is LIVE?

In this universe taken over by engines, LIVE is a #1 motorsport foe organizer, as good as a categorical unite and media channel dedicated to all things motorized. The Live Xtrem Series, that is a demo players will be means to finish on Ubisoft’s consumer counter this year during Gamescom, is a good instance of how LIVE can uncover adult in-game, with a sportscast’s voiceover, a up-beat and uninformed mood of a foe as good as a few surprises that we won’t spoil for those of we who haven’t attempted it yet.

  • Who is building a game?

Ivory Tower, Ubisoft’s Lyon-based studio celebrating a 10th anniversary this year, is heading a growth on THE CREW 2. The studio has been founded by seasoned veterans from a gaming attention and is now a hundred talents strong. We are internationally eminent for a imagination in a Driving genre and some-more generally for a aspiration of a productions. With THE CREW, we’ve proven successful during building vast immersive open worlds and building online infrastructures and services. For a past dual years, we’ve been renewing and expanding a knowledge by events, features, monthly rags and dual expansions: The Crew Wild Run and The Crew Calling All Units. THE CREW has given afterwards reached and surpassed 12 million players. We’re now building on this imagination in a subsequent groundbreaking project: THE CREW 2.

  • When will we be means to pre-order a game?

We’re strictly introducing a pre-order offer for The Crew 2 this week during Gamescom. Players who pre-order a diversion before a recover on Mar 16th, 2018 will get The Legendary Motors Pack. This includes disdainful entrance for one month to dual prestigious vehicles: a Mercedes-AMG C 63 Touring Car 2016 and HARLEY-DAVIDSON® IRON 883™ 2017.


  • The Crew 2 has a vast accumulation of gameplays, how do they all fit in a same world?

Actually, it’s some-more like a other approach around: a universe is privately designed so that all disciplines would have a ideal terrain. We deliberate this gameplay accumulation early on in a origination of Motornation: what are a specific needs of any discipline, what kind of sourroundings would yield a best experience, how can we make it some-more beguiling and surprising?

For example, a new take on Street Racing had us totally rethink a approach we try US cities. With competitions going on in a open, we indispensable a civic sourroundings to be 100% suitable to expostulate on – preferably full speed. Hence a many shortcuts, ramps, rooftop lanes and brittle transport furniture. Pro Racing disciplines, on a other hand, are about anticipating a best line to mangle speed records. So any curve’s pattern counts, any fact about a lane (if we’re articulate about a single-seater Alpha Grand Prix) or a waves (when racing a PowerBoat) is of pinnacle importance. You’ll find that any plea is meant for a dedicated automobile form and is set in a ideal conditions for players to get a genuine flog out of it. The gigantic distance and accumulation of a open universe allows us to be unequivocally creative, so we’re not finished startling you!

  • What are a vital hurdles your group had to face in terms of graphics and sound design?

Providing a best peculiarity of graphics is one of a tip priorities in THE CREW 2. On all aspects, a diversion is on standard with a top standards in textures realism, lighting, sound and definition. All a vehicles are 100% loyal to a genuine models, and we’ve done certain any car, bike, vessel or craft looks extraordinary from any angle, including behind a wheel, with high fealty sound. Every vehicle, any place and any motorsport family has a possess sound signature and identity.

Our other good try on this theme is of march a outrageous open world. It is a nation that looks and feels real, a pleasing and vital place, some-more immersive. With a introduction of boats and planes, players will be means to wholly try it, from all perspectives. The cities offer pleasing skylines as good as monumental light thoughtfulness and night lights on skyscrapers. We’ve also worked tough to reconstruct sensuous and life-like vegetation, 3D volumetric clouds and haze and a ideally picturesque H2O behavior. There is no aspect of this universe that hasn’t been pushed to a boundary graphically.


  • How many motorsports disciplines will there be? What kind of hurdles can we expect?

We’ve already introduced 5 disciplines accessible in THE CREW 2 this year during E3: Street Racing, Power Boat racing, Air race, Jet Sprint and Rally Raid. This week during Gamescom, we’re divulgence 3 some-more disciplines: Drift, Motocross and a single-seater competition Alpha Grand Prix. There’s, of course, a lot some-more coming.

  • What are a differences between a car/bike/boat/plane gameplays?

In THE CREW 2, we strike a change between realism and accessibility. We’re aiming to offer a far-reaching operation of opposite gameplays nonetheless also wish them to be fun and user-friendly. Each vehicle, and of march any automobile type, has a possess specific doing characteristics. You don’t expostulate a automobile like we would a bike, a vessel or a craft in real-life, so we’ve recreated a pulling and piloting sensations as vividly as possible. Every automobile is delicately practiced and tweaked to make certain a doing is as loyal to a strange as possible. For example, a buggy’s buoyant suspensions are only ideal for off-road sessions, while a jet scurry is intensely manageable so we can hoop a many fraudulent curves on muddy water.

  • What is a Fast Fav feature?

The Fast Fav underline is a code new underline designed for THE CREW 2 that allows a some-more stirring diversion knowledge in a nearby vast universe built for motorsports. It gives players sum leisure to seamlessly change from one gameplay to another, when they see fit, even in a many unusual way. They can burst from their favorite car/bike to a vessel or a craft while they’re in Freedrive, only by dire a right hang of a pad

  • The Photo and Video Mode were flattering renouned facilities in THE CREW. Are we bringing them behind in THE CREW 2?

Players will have entrance to a finish set of collection to constraint their best moments in THE CREW 2, by a LiveApp features:

  • LiveTrack annals a final 10 mins of a player’s actions in-the game, highlighting any feat.

  • LiveReplay allows a actor to watch a raging video shave of one comparison wow moment, selecting from a preference of preset cameras automatically generated by a game.

Many some-more facilities are now underneath growth and will be suggested in a arriving months

  • Will players be means to customize their rides?

Yes – both aesthetics and mechanics will be customizable on all vehicles in THE CREW 2. We will share some-more sum in a entrance months.

  • How does course work?

Player course in THE CREW 2 depends on one singular XP scale: fame. There are many ways to acquire celebrity points, from completing story missions to holding one-shot challenges, exploring a universe or even improvising tricks anywhere on a map. This allows players to have sum leisure over how they wish to turn a champion, either it’s by next in central competitions or personification underdog.


  • Are we partnering with new vehicles licensors for TC2?

Yes, many new vehicles and manufacturers will join a lineup compared to THE CREW. At Gamescom, we are quite vehement to announce a initial year-long and disdainful partnership with Harley Davidson.This is a prestigious code that ideally fits THE CREW 2 vision. Our players’ adore for American motors and highway trips will be anxious by a formation of H-D iconic motorbikes!

We’ve announced other good brands featured in THE CREW 2: Porsche and Audi to name a few. Planes and boats manufacturers are new comers to a permit as well, like Zivko and DCB. We’ll keep divulgence new sparkling partnerships along a entrance months.


  • Is an online tie mandatory?

THE CREW 2 is set in a living-breathing universe of hurdles and common opportunities, tailored for seamless gaming. Online tie is imperative since it’s a pivotal component to a core knowledge of a game.

  • Can we benefaction a specificities of multiplayer in THE CREW?

THE CREW 2 advantages from a outrageous open universe and a widest operation of automobile types. This binds good intensity for multiplayer fun and astonishing multi-vehicle interactions. Players will be means to join a 4-player organisation with sum leisure on their automobile choice: all kinds of cars, bikes, boats and planes accumulate for some crazy freestyle sessions and take off to try a whole USA from all perspectives. There will be PvP in THE CREW 2, and we’ll be giving some-more sum about a whole complement unequivocally soon.


  • Will there be new content? How often? What form of new content? Do we devise to launch DLC with opposite maps?

We’ve been committed to replenish and enhance a diversion knowledge by events, features, rags and expansions over a past dual years with The Crew. This singular mindset has warranted us a clever and guileless village of some-more than 12 million players. It is partial of a franchise’s DNA and we intend to keep it that way. However, we are now focusing on delivering a best knowledge in THE CREW 2 during launch, so be certain to stay tuned for some-more details.

  • What is The Crew Rewards Program?

We are unequivocally vehement to benefaction a 12 million players village with THE CREW 2. But it’s also critical for us to appreciate them for these past dual years of support and feedback. That’s why, initial of all, we are charity ALL The Crew owners a iconic FERRARI 458 SPECIALE 2014.

Then, interjection to The Crew Rewards Program, all THE CREW 1 players – current, past or to come – will be means to clear adult to 18 vehicles on THE CREW 2 interjection to their in-game achievements. Last June, we’ve started phenomenon dual awards per month, and we’ll keep going until a finish of a year. Each one will include of a specific Action to perform in THE CREW and an compared THE CREW 2 automobile as a reward.

Right now in THE CREW, players can clear no reduction than 7 vehicles: a FORD MUSTANG GT 2015, a DUCATI DIAVEL, a MASERATI GRAND TURISMO, a CHEVROLET CAMARO RS 1969, a INDIAN CHIEF DARK HORSE 2015, a KTM 450 RALLY and a HUMMER H1. Furthermore, all players who successfully finish 5, 10 or 15 of a listed Actions by THE CREW 2’s recover date will also be rewarded with vehicles disdainful to a new game, starting with a Jet Sprint Proto Leopard.

  • Are we formulation any Live Phases?

Yes, players can register now to have a possibility to be a initial to play during

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