Published On: Mon, Apr 1st, 2019

The Best Video Game Apr Fools’ Day Gags Of 2019


It’s that time of year to corkscrew by your unchanging news feed with a smile or a whine – yes, 1st Apr has once again constructed a raft of video game-based porky pies to purloin through. While we did briefly coquette with a suspicion of announcing a ‘Nintendo Lite Switch’, we motionless opposite it – especially since a attention during a impulse is producing so many bend balls that even a many fantastic rumours can’t be discharged offhand. Xbox One lifetime console disdainful Cuphead entrance to Nintendo Switch!? You improved trust it.

Below we’ve dull adult a best of a gags relating to Nintendo and a wider universe of video games. Twitter is a lucky height for these pranks and japes though you’ll find copiousness some-more information by following a links within. With a universe rotating as it does, we’re certain there’ll be some-more gathering adult over a entrance hours as people in a Americas arise adult – we’ll be certain to refurbish with a choicest cuts as-and-when they come.

Ready to laugh? Ready to groan? Here we go!

Square Kirby?

It seems HAL has unequivocally left to city with Kirby this year – check out his website for some cuboid Kirby integrity where his central design has been replaced.

And turn Qbby?

Responding to Kirby in a tweet, Qbby (hero of HAL’s 3DS BOXBOY! trilogy and a arriving BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL!) appears to have met adult with a pinkish one for a few drinks (he can unequivocally put them away!), got along famously, one thing led to another and…


Ash photobombs Pokémon GO

PlatinumGames enters a self-publishing business

New Monster Hunters for Nintendo Switch

We got a little bit vehement with this one.

Rabbids invade For Honor

Weird one, this. Mainly since it’s indeed function (for 24 hours).

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