Published On: Tue, Dec 27th, 2016

The Apple Watch rolls out a new plea for a New Year

Making forgive for violation New Year’s resolutions used to be a ruin of a lot simpler. Now that we’ve got amicable media for each life choice and are wearing a aptness levels on a wrists, there’s unequivocally no reason not to keep up. Which isn’t to say, of course, that we all couldn’t use an additional jolt.

Back in November, Apple offering another holiday-themed aptness plea – a Turkey Trot-style 5K tied to Thanksgiving. Naturally, a association will be doing something identical tied to a New Year – an refurbish set to start rolling out to Apple Watch owners on Dec 28 that’s designed to extend a plea for a full month.


When they cocktail their Watch on in a morning, they’ll be greeted by a Ring in a New Year Challenge set for Jan 2 (to give wearers an additional day to recover, one assumes), designed to get users to tighten all 3 of a Watch’s rings for a full week during a month.

As with a Turkey Trot, Apple will be looking to make this a amicable event, with shareable achievements and goals for attack a full week’s value of activity in early Jan – or as we like to call it here, CES.

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