Published On: Mon, Jan 7th, 2019

The Adventure Pals Gets Physical On Switch Thanks To Super Rare Games, Pre-Orders Open Soon

The Adventure Pals, with pre-orders going live unequivocally shortly indeed.

The Adventure Pals is a quirky platform-adventure diversion about loyalty involving a tiny boy, his trek helicopter-tongued giraffe, and his pet rock. On paper, it sounds about as crazy as things can get, though that usually adds to a definite charm. We unequivocally enjoyed personification a diversion for examination final year, praising it for “reminding us of because we fell in adore with video games in a initial place”.

This singular earthy recover will usually see 4,000 copies be manufactured, entrance with a diversion on a earthy cart, interior art, a full-colour 20-page manual, an disdainful sticker, and a three-card trade label pack. The earthy book will cost we £29.98 and can be pre-ordered right here from 10th Jan (it’ll strictly launch only a week after on a 17th).


If we missed a news, Super Rare Games has also recently launched an disdainful membership bar that gives we additional advantages for a yearly subscription.

Do we collect earthy Nindies? Will this one be fasten your collection? Tell us below.

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