Published On: Tue, May 5th, 2020

The 64Mate – A New All-In-One N64 Storage Add

Do we remember a 64Mate? It’s an Australian-based plan that’s described as a “new add-on” for your Nintendo 64, sits orderly underneath your console, and can be used to residence video upscalers, peripherals, and diversion cartridges.

The Kickstarter debate has now strictly left live, and to strech a finish goal, it requires AU$60,000 value of appropriation (about $38,000 USD). The plan now has lifted some-more than $5,000 during a time of writing, with 29 days to go.

Here’s a bit about it:

It creates regulating an N64 console with subordinate hardware some-more accessible and space-effective, and has an cultured that not usually fits a strange console though is simply customizable and expandable.

The 64Mate will be accessible in dual simple configurations:

‘Standard Enclosure’ indication (designed around housing video upscalers and other electronic inclination with an combined front-facing design frame)
‘Cart Caddy’ indication (designed with an open front and cartridge slots)

The units can be built to emanate a Nintendo 64 TOWER OF POWER!!

We are seeking for your assistance to account a initial prolongation costs for a tiny run of 64Mates; in this approach we can get these enclosures into a hands of N64 fans around a world!


There are mixed tiers we can behind – all a approach adult to ($6,000 AUD), a bulk buy – and some have already sole out. The customary enclosing and a transport caddy will set we behind $49 USD each. This product is approaching to boat by this September.

For some-more details, check out a central Kickstarter diversion page and learn some-more about this product in the prior posts.

What do we consider of this and will we be subsidy it? Tell us down below.

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