Published On: Thu, Jul 23rd, 2020

The 5G chronicle of Samsung’s foldable Galaxy Z Flip arrives Aug 7

Samsung has been portioning out morsels of news in new weeks in an try to primary a siphon forward of a large Unpacked event. On Monday, a association announced skeleton to denounced 5 new “power devices” (including a new Galaxy Note) during a event. As of this morning, however, it seems a Galaxy Z Flip 5G won’t be among a poser devices, as a association has strictly done a device central today.

The device is set to arrive Aug 7, labelled during $1,450. Not cheap, by any widen of a imagination, though still usually $170 some-more than a seeking cost of a strange Galaxy Z Flip (and roughly $500 cheaper than a strange Galaxy Fold. The Flip was, of course, most some-more definitely perceived than a Fold, that seemed to run into one problem after another. In fact, a accord around a device is that Samsung could have saved itself a substantial headache if it had done a Flip a initial foldable.

Living with a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Notably, a new chronicle of a device is a initial Samsung product announced to support Qualcomm’s newer chip after a Snapdragon 865 Plus 5G chip. There are also dual new colors: Mystic Gray and Mystic Bronze. Most of a other pieces and bops mentioned in a press recover seem to line adult with a strange Flip, that launched 10 million-billion years ago, in Feb 2020.

The device is one of dual foldables approaching from a company, a other being a Galaxy Fold 2, that is approaching to lift a likewise lofty cost tab as a predecessor.

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