Published On: Thu, May 7th, 2020

That Rumoured HD Remaster Of The Mass Effect Trilogy Might Be Coming To Switch

@Elvie Yes and no.
The initial 2 games are EXCELLENT and good value playing, regardless if we even worry with 3.

Mass Effect 3 wasn’t TERRIBLE per se, though a storyline is impossibly foolish and out-of-character compared to a initial dual installments, that are complicated sci-fi classics.
A lot of a post-launch calm during slightest combined some some-more beef and fan use to 3, though it’s still a step down.
EA busted Bioware when they bought them out.

The reduction pronounced about a toxic Mass Effect: Andromeda a improved and Bioware is substantially finished after a inauspicious disaster of Anthem unless a subsequent Dragon Age is awesome, that is unlikely. (It might not even occur during this point)

Another in a prolonged line of once-great developers murdered by a EA monster.

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