Published On: Tue, Apr 9th, 2019

Tetris 99 Gets A Second Grand Prix In Europe Too, Along With A New Scoring System

@booker_steve Theoretically it improves my chances since I’ve never won, yet we can place 3rd. For a common winner, though, we consider it reduces a chances.

Last time some people we know got their 999 points after winning, so we suspicion maybe there wasn’t so many people in Europe with a turn or fitness to win.

Anyway, if they endowment we points only for fixation above 80th, it means a some-more we play, a some-more chances we get. So I’m out, since we can’t spend all a weekend playing. It rewards a perfect participation, and it should prerogative a skill. we know a aloft a better, yet maybe someone can indeed spend 72 hours personification and removing 100 points each time and wins.

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