Published On: Mon, Dec 4th, 2017

Ten predictions for digital media in 2018

1. There will be blood in a sharpening conflict among reward OTT video giants, as a marketplace becomes over-saturated, early winners and losers are announced and Netflix finds itself increasingly in everyone’s lines of steer — including Disney’s and Apple’s.

Originals continue to be a primary arms used on a OTT video battlefront, fluctuating digital media’s “New Golden Age” for creators. We already know that normal compensate TV providers like Comcast will enter a ravel in 2018, as will Disney, when it launches a possess span of “Netflix Killers.”

But Apple roughly positively will also join a reward SVOD ravel in 2018. It’s all-out fight in a reward OTT video world, as cord-cutting accelerates and normal wire and satellite providers strew some-more essential subs.

2. Most other new reward OTT video marketplace entrants in this beyond-crowded reward OTT video space — including supposed niche-focused OTT video services — will be swallowed adult or simply languish, squeezed out by marketplace leaders and a perfect scale of Google and Facebook, with that they simply can’t contest for ad dollars.

Google and Facebook already possess about two-thirds of that tellurian digital promotion market. That means that many OTT video players simply can't attain on ad dollars alone — and other means of monetization will be over their strech since they destroy to broach a amply compelling, differentiated and emotionally connected media experience. Winners will swallow adult losers in an sourroundings of accelerating MA.

 3. The Hollywood village will start to increasingly know a energy of new cost-effective technology-driven ways to exam and magnitude new characters, stories and rendezvous in sequence to some-more smartly and good place their large costly bets. 

Innovative new services like comics-driven suit book company, Madefire; mobile-first horror-focused association Crypt TV; and mobile-focused calm storytelling association Yarn indicate a way. Meanwhile, Netflix, Amazon and Facebook will continue to cave their low information about all of a hopes and dreams to maximize “hits” and minimize “misses” as compared to traditionalists. And they will increasingly do a good pursuit during it, as they turn some-more assured in their artistic pursuits.  

4. Spotify will go open during a lofty valuation, though those numbers and altogether financier certainty will decrease around a year, together with Pandora’s, as these dual pure-play tellurian streaming song leaders find it increasingly formidable to contest opposite “big box” behemoths Apple, Amazon and Google/YouTube. 

Yes, Spotify and Pandora exaggerate large scale. Yet scale alone does not financial success make. In fact, pure-play placement success leads to aloft and aloft waste due to sobering attention economics these pure-plays can’t stomach, though a behemoths can due to their multi-pronged business models. These oppressive realities meant that investors of many pure-play streaming services will take a tough demeanour during themselves in 2018 as they anticipate their vital subsequent steps. Many will comprehend that they can’t go it alone. And that leads to MA, that brings me to…

5. One company’s struggles are another company’s opportunity, and successful “bigger fish” will step adult their MA efforts to acquire those companies that see no long-term trail to creation it on their own.

MA is a hallmark of today’s altogether digital, multi-platform tech-infused mutation of a media and party business. Just like ATT done a pierce to acquire storied normal Time Warner in 2016 and Verizon sealed a merger of Yahoo! in 2017, design some some-more large deals in 2018. Right now, Fox is reported to be chased by Disney, Comcast and Verizon for OTT video-driven reasons. And don’t only demeanour within U.S. borders — there is no practical wall in a borderless digital media world.  6. Data finally becomes a high-profile, high-priority “missing link” in a strategies of many media and party companies that will try to scold course.

Virtually all normal media and party companies now plainly covet Netflix’s, Amazon’s and Facebook’s user data, as good as how those services precedence that information to their clearly chaste advantage. The query for information — and a services that provide, investigate and surprise — take on new coercion among a normal media and party ranks.

7. Brave new technologies like AI (via practical assistants Alexa, Siri and Google) inundate a mainstream and increasingly impact a worlds of media, party and advertising, while blockchain record captures attention mind-share and starts to penetrate mainstream conversations.

The balmy voices of Alexa and Siri beam us by this AI revolution. “Virtual assistants,” “smart speakers” (or whatever we wish to call them) will increasingly stock a homes, urge significantly over time and offer adult a favorite calm (as good as increasingly targeted and hoped-to-be “welcomed” incentives, promotions and ads).

At a same time, a voice of blockchain record — hardly concurred in media and party circles in 2017 — will increasingly be listened and reputable during a H2O cooler. Blockchain record conceptually binds insubordinate and industry-transforming new descent and defensive power. On a descent front, blockchain will capacitate totally new ways to monetize calm and approach creator-to-consumer distribution. And, on a defensive front, blockchain promises to exterminate piracy.

 8. Behemoths Apple, Google and Facebook will boost their already large investments in immersive technologies, and 2018 will be AR’s break-out year in terms of mass adoption around ARKit and ARCore, that  give a mobile phones genuine “spatial sense” as loyal AR systems.

VCs and vital investors will also continue to chuck boatloads of income into a altogether immersive space. AR’s bullion rush also means continued expansion in a associated “wearables” marketplace and early, really early, consumer adoption of AR-driven eyewear. And, when a marketplace together invests so heavily, a marketplace becomes a consumer reality.

9. Basic easy text-based services and audio podcasts will continue to astonish in terms of both scale and counter-programming success. 

These forms of media face no poignant chartering or kingship headwinds, distinct video and song streaming services. That means that all income that flows from them flows directly into a pockets of use providers. And, a many successful of these services can scale massively, definition that monetization can be significant. Very. That’s because text-centric storytelling apps like Yarn are on glow right now.

10. The too-often-overlooked nonetheless potentially game-changing live eventuality and venue lumber of truly 360-degree multi-platform strategies increasingly becomes beheld and offline experiments build.

Call this a “Amazon Effect,” as players opposite a digital media ecosystem stop scratching their heads about, and rather start studying, Amazon’s direct-to-theater suit design releases, section and trebuchet sell stores, and Whole Foods super-stores. Amazon understands what many still haven’t even deliberate — that direct, non-virtual offline consumer rendezvous might be a many impactful lumber of them all, bringing online rendezvous into a genuine universe (and afterwards behind again to emanate a practical cycle of code rendezvous and consumer monetization each step of a way).

RELATED BONUS PREDICTION — In greeting to 2017’s sobering and frequently intolerable disastrous governmental forces, many digital media companies will take things even serve by infusing their offline efforts with amicable impact, an inspirational and motivational component that is already proven to be commercially smart.

Such entirely satisfied efforts reason a delicious energy to renovate digital media’s practical cycle into a entirely satisfied multi-platform just circle. Double bottom-line — essential both commercially, and socially. Hey, digital media companies: Don’t blink a energy of civilizing your efforts with a healthy sip of offline “soul.”

Featured Image: Atlas amicable media/Flickr UNDER A CC BY 2.0 LICENSE

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