Published On: Wed, Dec 23rd, 2020

Telegram, impending 500 million users, to start monetizing a app

Instant messaging app Telegram is “approaching” 500 million users and skeleton to beget income starting subsequent year to keep a business afloat, a owner Pavel Durov pronounced on Wednesday.

Durov pronounced he has privately bankrolled a seven-year-old business so far, though as a startup beam he is looking for ways to monetize a present messaging service. “A plan of a distance needs during slightest a few hundred million dollars per year to keep going,” he said.

The service, that surfaced 400 million active users in Apr this year, will deliver a possess ad height for open one-to-many channels — “one that is user-friendly, respects remoteness and allows us to cover a costs of server and traffic,” he wrote on his Telegram channel.

“If we monetize vast open one-to-many channels around a Ad Platform, a owners of these channels will accept giveaway trade in suit to their size,” he wrote. Another approach Telegram could monetize a use is by reward stickers with “additional fluent features,” he wrote. “The artists who make stickers of this new form will also get a partial of a profit. We wish millions of Telegram-based creators and tiny businesses to thrive, enriching a knowledge of all a users.”

Some analysts were anticipating that Telegram would be means to monetize a height by a blockchain token project. But after several delays and regulatory troubles, Telegram pronounced in May that it had motionless to desert a project.

For this project, Dubai-based Telegram had lifted $1.7 billion from investors in 2018. It had designed to discharge a token, called grams, after building a blockchain software. Telegram offering to lapse $1.2 billion to investors progressing this year.

“Telegram has a amicable networking dimension. Our large open one-to-many channels can have millions of subscribers any and are some-more like Twitter feeds. In many markets a owners of such channels arrangement ads to acquire money, infrequently regulating third-party ad platforms. The ads they post demeanour like unchanging messages, and are mostly intrusive. We will repair this by introducing a possess Ad Platform for open one-to-many channels,” Durov wrote today.

All existent facilities will sojourn free, pronounced Durov, who is one of a biggest critics of Facebook -owned WhatsApp, adding that Telegram is committed to not deliver ads in private one-to-one chats or organisation chats since they are a “bad idea.”

“We are not going to sell a association like a founders of WhatsApp. The universe needs Telegram to stay eccentric as a place where users are reputable and high-quality use is ensured,” he wrote. “Telegram will start to beget revenue, starting subsequent year. We will do it in suitability with a values and a pledges we have done over a final 7 years. Thanks to a stream scale, we will be means to do it in a non-intrusive way. Most users will frequency notice any change.”

On Wednesday, Telegram also introduced a new organisation voice chats underline to a app. The new voice chats feature, that is identical to Discord’s always-on room, supports a few thousand participants.

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