Published On: Thu, Jun 1st, 2017

Tekken X Street Fighter Would Have More Impact If Released When Completely Forgotten, Katsuhiro Harada Says

Tekken 7, a latest entrance in a array by Bandai Namco, is now roughly on us and players all over a star can finally suffer a knowledge Katsuhiro Harada and his group worked tough to create. Aside from Tekken 7, there’s another diversion that a group is concerned in, a crossover diversion Tekken X Street Fighter, and Harada himself recently talked about it.

In a uninformed talk with Game Informer, Katsuhiro Harada reliable that Tekken X Street Fighter is still on hold, as a timing isn’t right yet.

So you’re observant each singular video diversion happens in a same universe. Got it. Speaking of crossovers, we announced final Apr that Tekken X Street Fighter was on unfixed hold. Has growth on that diversion continued during all between now and then?

No. The timing isn’t right yet. It’s still on hold.

When asked if we can still design a diversion to be out during some point, Harada thinks that releasing a diversion when everybody’s lost about it would have a many impact, marketing-wise. As such, we shouldn’t design a diversion to be expelled anytime soon.

Can fans still design to see it during some point?

Marketing-wise, it’d substantially have a many impact if we put it out when everyone’s already lost about it…

As already mentioned, Tekken 7 finally launches in reduction than 24 hours on PC and consoles. If you’re meditative about removing a diversion on PC, we might wish to check out some 4K screenshots and max settings gameplay footage.

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