Published On: Wed, Mar 14th, 2018

TechCrunch’s Messenger bot gets smarter and some-more conversational

The best bot on Messenger only got better. We’ve teamed adult with Chatfuel and Bitext to supplement Bitext’s NLP Middleware to a TechCrunch Messenger bot. This extended chronicle adds functionality for conversational interaction, softened healthy denunciation understanding, and singular facilities like opposite understanding. You can check out a new and softened Messenger bot here.

To get a softened bargain of what a new functionality looks like in action, here are some examples of what a latest chronicle of a bot can do.

1) Understands some-more healthy denunciation queries

More formidable though healthy queries, like “do we have anything about Google”; “give me Facebook news” or “show me a latest about SpaceX” are now famous by a bot.

2) Conversational double intent

You can now use a word “and” to hunt for news that shares mixed characteristics. For example, we could form “I wish news on Microsoft and Apple” to find news that privately mentions both companies. Another instance would be “show me news about Messenger and bots.”

3) Conversational negation

This allows we to bar certain equipment in your search. For example, if we wanted to see news about Amazon though didn’t wish to see anything about Whole Foods we could form “I wish news about Amazon though not Whole Foods.” Another instance would be “show me news about Apple though not iPhones.”

We’re also looking into adding some other updates, including conversational pagination and video search. There’s also a probability that we competence move this bot to Slack. More to come soon.

You can check out a new and softened Messenger bot here.

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