Published On: Wed, Mar 24th, 2021

TechCrunch, still not dead

You might have seen an essay over during Axios currently about a rebrand of many of a Verizon Media products underneath a new Yahoo+ banner. we would like to honour all of a teams that have worked tough to build a cohesive code temperament and a new devise for a garland of good properties with excellent people during a helm.

Unfortunately, some of a diction in a article, and a successive Techmeme title on a aged chatter dot com have led some people to trust that TechCrunch would now be YahooCrunch or some such situation. That is not correct. TechCrunch is a code that, opposite all odds, has stood a exam of time in a radically changing and severe landscape. That’s interjection to a confidant thought of a owner as good as a untiring efforts of each member of a TC staff past and benefaction who are all immensely talented, generous, multi-hyphenates that we have taken heated compensation from operative with each day.

Since we’ve been around a while we have had a pleasure of being called passed a garland of times by critics, owners, cynics and fans. But we only checked, and we’re still here.

See we tomorrow, and a subsequent day, and a subsequent day. we leave we with the sign of this day:

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