Published On: Sat, Apr 30th, 2022

TechCrunch+ roundup: Finding product-market fit, representation rug teardown, removing into YC

Earlier this month during TechCrunch Early Stage, we talked to Frederique Dame, an investing partner during GV, about product-market fit.

A standing-room-only throng packaged a venue as Dame spoke about her knowledge heading product and engineering efforts during Uber, Yahoo and Smugmug, pity some of what she schooled about entertainment patron data, iterating fast to countenance ideas, and a hurdles that come with scaling teams from a few dozen people to several thousand employees.

We also discussed several specific strategy and strategies that can assistance pierce organizations towards PMF, including effective ways to constraint and share user data, and building patron personas that will assistance everybody know a company’s goal and purpose.

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Distilling a 40-minute review into a singular essay was over my abilities, so I’ll share a follow-up subsequent week with additional takeaways from a discuss and a assembly QA that followed.

Dame common one square of recommendation that I’d never listened from an investor: some-more founders should learn to make themselves vulnerable.

“Trust me with what we don’t know or what’s not working, since once we invest, we’re going to have to work on this things anyway,” she said. “I’d rather start operative on this things early on.”

Thanks really most for reading! we wish we have a illusory weekend.

Walter Thompson
Senior Editor, TechCrunch+

GV’s Frederique Dame on product-market fit: ‘You have one possibility during a good experience’

Charged with billions in capital, accommodate a 9 startups building tomorrow’s batteries today

Image of a energy supply connected to an electric vehicle.

Power supply bond to electric automobile for assign to a battery. Charging record attention ride that are a unconventional of a Automobile. EV fuel Plug in hybrid car.

In his initial TechCrunch+ article, Senior Climate Writer Tim De Chant examined 9 startups optimizing EV battery record that have collectively lifted usually over $4 billion in a final 18 months.

Improving tech like solid-state batteries, replacing specific chemical components and regulating hybrid chemistries are usually a few of a techniques startups are deploying to transparent advantages like shortening weight while augmenting operation and safety.

“But cars and trucks won’t be a usually thing overwhelmed by a battery series that’ll start over a subsequent few years,” he writes.

“Like many advances, better, lighter, and longer-lasting batteries will expostulate changes in a lives that are both astonishing and welcome.”

Charged with billions in capital, accommodate a 9 startups building tomorrow’s batteries today

How to get into Y Combinator, according to YC’s Dalton Caldwell

Image of sealed doors with one burst open.

Image Credits: Third Eye Images (opens in a new window) / Getty Images

In a review with Editor Greg Kumparak during TechCrunch Early Stage, YC handling executive and organisation partner Dalton Caldwell spoke about a focus routine founders contingency navigate before they’re supposed to one of a world’s tip accelerators.

“The initial thing we demeanour during when we review an focus is a team. What I’m looking for is technical value on a team,” pronounced Caldwell.

“Our teams that rest on perplexing to sinecure outsourced engineers or consultants or whatever to build their product tend to pierce most slower than folks with a technical founder,” he added.

“They tend to get ripped off.”

How to get into Y Combinator, according to YC’s Dalton Caldwell

Dear Sophie: When should we unite engineers for immature cards?

lone figure during opening to obstruction sidestep that has an American dwindle during a center

Image Credits: Bryce Durbin/TechCrunch

Dear Sophie,

The engineers that we’re perplexing to partisan are increasingly requesting that we unite them for immature cards. we don’t have an HR background, though I’ve been reserved HR duties during a startup.

Can we give me a outline of a immature cards that are available?

Is it probable to unite someone for a immature label though them removing an H-1B or other visa first? Which immature label is a fastest?

— Targeting Talent

Dear Sophie: When should we unite engineers for immature cards?

Early-stage fundraising is a story of dual planets

Two universe in a space with effluvium and splendid star.

Image Credits: Arndt Vladimir (opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Startup valuations swelled in new years, though investors continue to preference “founders who are experienced, pedigreed, well-spoken or well-connected,” writes Leslie Feinzaig, CEO and owner of Graham Walker, a fund/accelerator that promotes women in business.

Founders on Planet Flush “live in a universe of big, buzzy, rival early rounds,” though residents of Planet Scrappy live a universe “where fundraising is intensely formidable and unlikely,” she writes.

Funding isn’t a usually disparity, says Feinzaig: founders with clever networks are doubtful to face genuine inspection until seeking a Series B, though “meanwhile in Planet Scrappy, Series A turn industry happens during a pre-seed stage.”

Early-stage fundraising is a story of dual planets

Pitch rug teardown: Minut

Image Credits: Minut (opens in a new window)

Minut, that manufactures wireless sensors for monitoring short-term let properties, sealed a $14 million Series B final month.

Reporter Haje Jan Kamps deconstructed a 21-slide representation rug to uncover how Minut used information visualizations and storytelling to give investors a transparent prophesy of a marketplace opportunity, a rival landscape, and where a association is gaining traction.

If you’d like to see your representation rug featured on TechCrunch+, click by for details.

Pitch Deck Teardown: Minut

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