Published On: Tue, May 5th, 2020

Tech for good during COVID-19: Sky-high gifts, additional assistance and chips

When Roger Lee, a co-founder of Human Interest, listened that San Francisco imposed shelter-in-place orders, he started blogging about layoff news and posting crowdsourced lists of employees who were laid off. His idea was to boost recognition about layoffs and give recruiters a place to hunt for candidates.

However, one week and 40 startup layoffs later, Lee saw his blog was not going to be means to keep adult with a large series of cuts function opposite a country. So, tracker was innate and now receives tens of thousands of visitors each day.

As for how he’s balancing a tracker and Human Interest? Lee remarkable that he has transitioned to work during a association from a board-level capacity.

Lee’s work is one instance of many moving initiatives we’re going to showcase this week. Let’s get into a list.

  1. Plan your destiny adventures. A series of sites have popped adult to inspire people to buy present cards and support their internal restaurants. But what about their internal tourism industries? Adam Faris, a tyro during a University of Oregon, launched a coronavirus initiative with a organisation of folks to support businesses in a movement sports and journey knowledge space. Faris has many-sided a series of businesses charity discounts on skiing, surfing, whitewater rafting and some-more to inspire people to support tiny businesses.
  2. Extra assistance for developers. YouTeam, a Y Combinator-backed marketplace for building remote growth teams, is rising a volunteer developers group. Any startups operative on COVID-19-related issues can spin to a organisation to find technical support to assist them, and request for giveaway growth hours of front-end, back-end or UX support. 
  3. Tiny steps, large impact. Tiny Organics, a child nourishment company, is pledging $10,000 annually to Partnership for Healthier America, that works to make certain kids have entrance to health food. Tiny Organics also combined a special book plant-based meal, Michelle My Broccoli Belle, and will present 100% of a deduction to a Food Bank for New York City. 
  4. Help from above. Skydio is donating dozens of self-flying drones to initial responders opposite a country, as partial of a Emergency Response program. The drones do not have speakers and will not be used as a communication mechanism, though instead as a approach for glow and military units to see intensity issues tighten up. Skydio will yield training and support during no cost. Additionally, a association is teaming adult with Frontline Support, a nonprofit, to source and broach some-more than a million units of PPE apparatus to a University of Washington Hospital System by a logistical and supply sequence systems. 
  5. A protected space. Equal space (=SPACE), co-working space for multicultural, LGBTQ, and women-owned startups, has non-stop adult a doors virtually. =Space is charity resources online for freelancers and tiny business owners that includes training, workshops, capability sessions, and wellness talks all giveaway of charge.
  6. Aid for medical workers. Work Co partnered with employees during Adobe, Dropbox, and a series of medical students to emanate a apparatus to bond medical workers with entrance to grocery delivery, ignored childcare, and giveaway mental health services. The apparatus was done with submit from doctors, nurses, and medical propagandize expertise to assistance workers accommodate their simple needs, over PPE. It is now accessible in New York.
  7. Bandcamp waives fees. Bandcamp, a song association that lets users directly support artists, announced that it will be waiving fees for artists for a series of name days. Last time a height waived fees, sales for song and sell pulled in $4.3 million for artists. It’s a lovely approach to support artists in a universe where concerts are no longer a reality. Read some-more here
  8. A pro bono portal. The American Bar Association and a probity tech company, Paladin, teamed adult to emanate a portal to bond those impacted by COVID-19 to lawyers operative pro bono. LegalZoom and Clio are also connected to a project. Read some-more here.
  9. Hiring help. Binc, a recruitment association that works with companies like Tiktok, Stripe, Nest, Groupon, and more, has launched a free program to assistance tech workers find jobs. The association is fixation employees in engineering, product, design, market, and recruitment professionals in jobs for no assign until a finish of a month.
  10.  Chipping in for COVID. Morning Brew is holding an online poker tournament-turned-fundraiser to lift income for Frontline Foods, that supports restaurants and feeds frontline workers. A concession of $100 is compulsory to play.

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