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Teamgroup T-Force Nighthawk 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) 3000 MHz CL16 DDR4 Memory Kit Review

Teamgroup is a creator of some of a many high peculiarity memory products for a PC industry. They have come a prolonged approach given their pregnancy in 1997 and went on to turn one of a fastest flourishing product manufacturers and a heading code around a globe.

Since a attainment of DDR4 memory in a mainstream market, Teamgroup started a apart line of DIMM kits underneath their new T-Force brand. The T-Force code is a some-more fan and gamer directed memory array with perfect concentration towards peculiarity and performance. Today, we will be contrast one of T-Force’s new Nighthawk array memory pack to see how it binds adult in opposite identical labelled and identical spec’d memory kits.

Teamgroup sent me a Nighthawk DDR4 memory pack for this examination that we would like to appreciate them for!

Teamgroup T-Force Nighthawk 16 GB DDR4 Memory Kit Specifications

The Teamgroup T-Force Nighthawk 16 GB DDR4 memory pack rocks decent specs for a price. The pack we perceived is optimized during a time speed of 3000 MHz (PC4-24000). The memory pack consists of twin 8 GB DIMMs that make adult a sum of 16 GB in capacity. Some facilities of a T-Force Nighthawk array are listed below:

  • Hawk wings symmetric form feverishness spreader
  • Unique hawkeyes light beam row design
  • High-efficiency aluminum feverishness spreader
  • LED respirating light
  • 10 layers of circuit board
  • Selected high peculiarity IC chips
  • 1.2V~1.4V ultra low operative voltage
  • Supports XMP2.0 one click overclocking technology
  • QVL authorized by mainstream motherboard manufactures in a market
  • Lifetime warranty

The memory pack has a tested latency spec of CL16 and a timings are 16-18-18-38-2N for this specific kit. Voltage set during anxiety is 1.35V and a memory pack comes in an unbuffered package with non-ECC (Error Correction) design. The memory pack is entirely agreeable with Intel’s XMP 2.0 and can be simply set to a rated time speeds by a BIOS shipped on a latest Intel motherboards.

Memory harmony differs from motherboard to motherboard so make certain that your house is high-end and rated to support high time speed memory sticks.

Teamgroup offers a singular lifetime guaranty with their T-Force Nighthawk series memory kits. These are some of a many heaviest memory sticks that we have hold in my palm and a heatsink is finished of pristine aluminum that means many improved cooling potential. The PCB itself is finished of 10 layers and regulating high peculiarity memory chips, we can pattern some decent overclocking intensity too.

Teamgroup T-Force Nighthawk 16 GB 3000 MHz Memory Kit Specifications

Teamgroup T-Force Nighthawk 16 GB DDR4 Memory Kit Unboxing and Close Up

The T-Force Nighthawk array comes in a easily designed box done package. It has red and black accents all over. The front of a box has a name and specifications plaque along with a pattern of a DDR4 hang with a categorical concentration over a LED “Breathing Light” effect. The DIMM has also been rewarded a pattern endowment and it unequivocally looks overwhelming as we will see after on.

The behind of a box lists down a brief overview of a T-Force code along with minute facilities of a T-Force Night Hawk array memory. The product tag and hit sum for Teamgroup are also provided. It’s mentioned that a pack comes with a lifetime guaranty that is another and for users building new DDR4 setups.

Opening a box, we am met with a vast cosmetic enclosure that resolutely binds a twin DIMM sticks. we also remarkable that these are some flattering difficult DIMMs when compared to a ones we have used earlier. This could be due to many things that we will tell in a bit.

Removing a cosmetic cover, we put my sights on some of a many considerable designed DDR4 memory to date. The pattern looks a bit assertive though it’s finished so nicely, that if we had to rate these, they would get a 10/10 in a sexiness department.

There’s also a “User Installation Manual” inside a cosmetic casing. Although installing memory isn’t a large understanding though it’s still good that companies like Teamgroup concentration towards educating a ubiquitous consumers of how to implement PC hardware properly, even if they aren’t doing it for a initial time.

The matte black cloaking for a hide and an acrylic window for a LEDs looks great. The T-Force and Team Group logos are etched in a center and on a sides in white. The whole hang looks like a wings of a hawk and we theory that’s where a name “Night Hawk” comes from.

Now for a weight, approbation these are unequivocally difficult memory sticks and we am astounded by a reason. Not usually are a DIMMs regulating tip of a line ICs on a high-end PCB, a hide is all aluminum based. This increases a altogether cooling ability on a specific modules and also forestall a memory from outmost army such as pressure, atmosphere and dust. The LED Lights are embedded on a tip territory of a memory and demeanour positively good when illuminated up.

Teamgroup T-Force Nighthawk 16 GB DDR4 Memory Kit Test Setup

For testing, we used a latest Intel Core i7 7700K processor that is entirely concordant with aloft speed memory like a Teamgroup Nighthawk. The motherboard used was a GIGABYTE AORUS Z270X-Gaming 8 and we booted a memory though any issues. The XMP form to capacitate a 3000 MHz magnitude had to be set from a BIOS that wasn’t a tough task. The new 200-series motherboards are entirely concordant with a quick DDR4 DIMMs.

Teamgroup T-Force Nighthawk 16 GB Memory Test Setup:

The memory pack comprises of 2 DIMMs that work in twin channel mode. Since we were using a Z270 platform, a memory was handling in twin channel mode. The memory is clocked during 3000 MHz and will run during 2600 MHz be default when XMP form is not enabled given that is a JEDEC customary time speed . Clock timing is set during 16 and a ability is 16 GB for this specific kit.

Teamgroup T-Force Nighthawk Dark Installation and Lighting Gallery:

Teamgroup T-Force Nighthawk 16 GB DDR4 Memory Kit Performance Tests

I have distant a opening tests into twin sections. The initial territory consists of pristine fake and ubiquitous effort tests while a second territory would be focusing on gaming opening and how opposite games are influenced by aloft clocked memory sticks.

Synthetic Benchmarks and Workload Performance Tests

Gaming Performance Tests

Gaming applications generally don’t see outrageous gains with opposite memory kits though DDR4 has enabled a outrageous advantage in memory magnitude that can impact gaming performance. Moving from a batch 2600 MHz to 3200 MHz is a large time burst so we are fervent to see what kind of ubiquitous and gaming opening differences we get to see with that increase.

Furthermore, while 8 GB has turn a customary for gaming PCs, difficult applications such as modifying program and multi-tasking users can advantage hugely from 16 GB and 32 GB kits that have turn some-more common in a gaming marketplace over a final integrate of years.


This examination took me approach prolonged to finish though we am blissful that we am essay my final difference about my knowledge with Teamgroup’s latest memory pack for consumers. The T-Force Nighthawk memory is considerable in looks though moreover, it’s comparatively reduce labelled when compared to other brands. Just labelled during $119.99 US (lower in other markets), a T-Force Nighthawk Dark array is a cheaper high finish DDR4 pack option. So that’s a unequivocally good start as this pack is concordant with both Intel and AMD formed systems.

The other and indicate for this memory pack is a glorious design. It comes with a singular pattern set that we haven’t seen on any other memory pack and it looks unequivocally good made. The tone intrigue is a good compare for several desktop systems and a whole built is unequivocally solid. The heatsink that covers a PCB is plain aluminum formed that means we can stop worrying about high temperatures while a hide on a tip isn’t a whole lot tall, permitting we to name from a operation of atmosphere coolers.

Then comes a lighting system. The LED Lights on a T-Force Nighthawk aren’t a finish disco uncover as a G.Skill Trident Z RGB series, that nonetheless looks illusory does comes as during a high price, though Nighthawk comes with a modest, one tone (RED) lighting complement that facilities a elementary respirating effect. It looks good and we don’t have to tinker into difficult settings compared with RGB setups. If we are into RGB, afterwards we should know that Teamgroup also offers a Night Hawk in RGB flavors for a somewhat aloft cost point.

The PCB is finished adult of high peculiarity ICs and a DRAM used on a Nighthawk can fist in some additional clocks. Timings side, it starts to uncover a supportive side as we can’t configure them many though during 3000 MHz, this pack handles all gaming and ubiquitous workloads with plenty speed. The twin channel pattern is unequivocally optimized for Intel Z270 and AMD Ryzen motherboards that is a good thing for a ubiquitous consumer.

For a finale note, we would contend that Teamgroup’s T-Force Nighthawk Dark is a superb square of work by a memory manufacturer. T-Force Nighthawk supports a singular and pleasing design, facilities considerable opening formula and in terms of pricing, has value created all over it. This memory pack creates we spend reduction while looking top-notch and behaving great.

T-Force Nighthawk supports a singular and pleasing design, facilities considerable opening formula and in terms of pricing, has value created all over it.

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