Published On: Tue, Feb 25th, 2020

Team17 Snaps Up Ageless, A Puzzle-Platformer Currently In The Works For Switch

Ageless on Nintendo Switch.

The diversion has we personification as Kiara, a immature lady who discovers a visionary crawl armed with a ancient energy to control ageing. You’ll need to fire animals and plants to age them, both retrograde and forwards in time, to swell by a array of colourful puzzles.

A press recover for a diversion records that “Kiara’s new-found energy is not though consequence; a account follows a tour she contingency make to confront her middle demons and find herself along a way”. We also have a underline list for you, so feel giveaway to check that out below:

Features of Ageless:
Multi-stage ageing for plants and animals: Age flora and fauna by several stages of their life cycle to solve a puzzles station in your way.
Platforming: Ageless uses a sourroundings to furnish perplexing platforming challenges. While ‘ageless’ players can use vital creatures to lurch by a air, immoderate a life force and de-ageing a plant or animal in a process
Unique worlds: Each area has a possess singular plants and animals to utilise, realised in a hand-drawn pixel art.
Collectables: Becoming ‘ageless’ allows players to see and collect discretionary dark equipment that will usually be permitted around perplexing platforming hurdles dark via a levels.

We don’t have any news on a recover window for this one only yet, though a diversion will be playable during a Team17 counter during PAX East this weekend.

Liking what we see? Will we be gripping an eye out for some-more news on this one going forward? Let us know with a criticism below.

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