Published On: Tue, Apr 23rd, 2019

Team Hare Wins The Splatoon 2 SpringFest

I unequivocally had a good feeling for Team Tortoise after a initial night, had a good 10 wins to 5 losses. we don’t know what happened in a 2nd half! People inking a side of a map instead of rushing a center on Shifty Station, people station still and shooting, my really final compare on Shifty people were sharpened a drum aim while pinkish ink was still covering all of a floors, locking a tone in. And my group had a King, Queen, and Champion, there was no forgive for that! Ugh!

Congrats, Hares! With a win depends fundamentally evened out on a NA servers, Pearl is now adult by 1. That leaves May, June, and Jul Splatfests. Or, they could take one out or put an additional one in so we don’t finish adult with a tie.

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