Published On: Sat, Feb 29th, 2020

Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? (February 29th)

Rune Factory 4 Special

In jubilee of Pokémon Day, this week we got utterly a lot of container beast news. One of a highlights was a exhibit of a new fabulous Grass/Dark-type Pokémon Zarude. Greninja was announced as Google’s Pokémon of a Year, and Mewtwo is also appearing in Sword and Shield Max Raid Battles for a initial time ever, yet we can’t locate it!

Far divided from a land of Pokémon, Yacht Club Games carried a lid on a new Shovel Knight plan and PlatinumGames announced a new studio and a new diversion by Hideki Kamiya. There was a sale on all of a DOOM titles as well, and we’re changing a approach we hoop Switch screenshots on a site.

To assistance us tell after such a large week, we’re here to share a games we’ll be personification over a weekend. We’re also assimilated by dual special guest from a Push Square team. As always, we’d adore for we to get concerned around a check and comments section. Happy gaming!

Zion Grassl, video producer

I’m going to be a bit bustling this weekend with my rope Constance (look us adult if you’re into metal) as we’re recording some new tunes, yet we usually picked adult a strange DOOM and DOOM II on a eShop for subsequent to nothing! So while a guys are recording their parts, we competence try to hide in a bit of demon hunting, since what’s some-more steel than that? Rune Factory 4 Special is also sitting here on my table literally staring me down, yet we don’t know if we have a heart to deposit in it meaningful that my adore Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be here in usually a few brief weeks.

Austin Voigt, contributing writer

This weekend, we will be finishing Luigi’s Mansion 3. I’ve been really bustling recently, and I’ve usually gotten by a handful of floors in a categorical storyline, so I’m dynamic to usually lay down and fire by a rest. Last weekend, we had family home and sunk utterly a bit of time with them into a cot commune – that was overwhelming – yet that finished adult usually creation me wish to go behind to a categorical storyline even more. Oh yeah, Luigi!

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