Published On: Sun, Feb 23rd, 2020

Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? (February 22nd)


Hello one and all, and acquire to nonetheless another weekend. This week has seen some-more info on a destiny of a Super Smash Bros. series, Animal Crossing in-game squeeze shenanigans, and a warn launch of a new Switch FPS game, though now it’s finally time for us to take a exhale and relax.

Members of Team Nintendo Life have common a skeleton down below, and we’d adore for we to get concerned around a check and criticism sections. Enjoy!

Ryan Craddock, staff writer

With Mar only around a corner, we already have my pre-orders in for both Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It’s about to be an comprehensive cuteness overkill on a Switch front, so I’m indeed spending these subsequent integrate of weeks removing prepared by personification something that’s a finish opposite.

I’ve been revisiting The Last of Us Remastered on PS4 over a final few days – profanity on this site, we know – in credentials for a supplement entrance out in a few months’ time. I’m anticipating that after all a blood, zombies, swearing, and shooty-shooty bang-bangs, I’ll be even some-more elegant of a colour and attract from a dual titles mentioned above. Is it uncanny that we adore all 3 of these wholly opposite series?

Ollie Reynolds, reviewer

I’ve not nonetheless seen a new Sonic a Hedgehog movie, though only witnessing a perfect hype around it has got me booting adult a smashing Sonic Mania again. we still find it towering only how damn good this diversion is! I’ve also picked adult a Sega Ages recover of Sonic a Hedgehog 2, so hopefully I’ll get around to giving that a go, too.

I’m also still spending some time with Animal Crossing: New Leaf, though after a new Nintendo Direct, it feels infrequently lacking… Why can’t we change a terrain?!

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