Published On: Mon, Jun 11th, 2018

Take a demeanour during your Twitter timeline 10 years ago

Here’s a fun thing for a Friday: go behind and see what your Twitter timeline looked like 10 years ago.

Twitter has flattering absolute hunt settings, though Andy Baio — of Kickstarter celebrity and some-more — did a heavy-lifting for us all by pity a couple that let’s we demeanour during your timeline accurately a decade ago, presumption we followed a same people.

Try it here. (The hunt will work even if we didn’t have an comment 10 years ago.)

The brew is eerily quiet, with distant fewer retweets and likes than a stream time — Twitter hadn’t nonetheless introduced a ‘automatic’ retweet, people were still doing it manually — and no nested replies or couple previews, while there are ghosts of once-major amicable media services, such as TwitPic, TinyURL.

Certainly, it’s a fun approach to see how Twitter has morphed, both in terms of facilities and a tangible discourse of users. The latter, in my knowledge during least, seems some-more driven by standing update-style tweets than discussions or discourse and there’s changed small calm from media during that time, too. Given how things are today, with polarized opinions and armies of trolls, maybe a aged days of Twitter did have their benefits.

You can, of course, tweak a settings to change a date, denunciation and some-more to try past Twitter.

Enjoy — and maybe retweet a decade-old chatter or dual while you’re there.

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