Published On: Mon, Jan 14th, 2019

Switch eShop Glitch Leaves Customer Facing $239 Charge For Zelda: Breath Of The Wild


As we’re certain many of we will agree, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild is a flattering good knowledge that simply justifies a endorsed cost of $59.99. We enjoyed each impulse of a playthrough, and we’d happily suggest it to usually about everyone, though we’re not certain that this would reason loyal if a central cost was bumped adult to a towering $239.

For some, this oppressive pricing recently became a reality, with a Peruvian Nintendo eShop being theme to a glitch that saw a game’s cost skyrocket. The glitch was speckled by Reddit user TheOnlyRealSquare, who common a post online explaining a emanate alongside images of a pricing error. As we can see below, a diversion initial seemed during a common cost on a store (a somewhat aloft $69 USD), though mysteriously jumped adult to a $239 figure during checkout.

1u/TheOnlyRealSquare – Reddit
2u/TheOnlyRealSquare – Reddit

As TheOnlyRealSquare points out, this doesn’t seem to be an conscious pierce from Nintendo; it would seem that a bizarre glitch prevented a site from rightly converting a series from Peruvian Soles to USD, and this usually happened when a diversion was placed in a basket alongside a DLC expansion. The emanate has reportedly been bound given a story was initial shared, nonetheless a DLC has now totally disappeared. Hopefully it’ll be behind and operative rightly soon.

It competence be a good game, though $239 is positively pulling it. Would we have bought it regardless? Tell us below.

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