Published On: Wed, Mar 11th, 2020

Switch Dock Mod Adds Built-In GameCube Controller Ports

Switch Dock GameCubei_AM_hank

Nintendo might good have expelled a possess central GameCube adapter for your Switch, though what if we could do one improved and have GameCube controller support built-in?

Well, one Reddit user going by a name of i_AM_hank has taken things into their possess hands and finished accurately that, modding their Switch’s wharf to embody an integrated third-party GameCube controller adapter. The adapter in doubt is from Mayflash; i_AM_hank says a section “turned out to be a good choice since a controller ports are on a house apart from a categorical electronics that eventually authorised it to trip between a middle and outdoor surrounding of a dock”.

Here's what a adapter looks like when taken out of a cosmetic casingi_AM_hank
Here’s what a adapter looks like when taken out of a cosmetic casing

If you’re meddlesome in how it all came together, we can review a full routine step-by-step here. The final outcome is flattering impressive, we contingency admit. Look how neat and neat it incited out in a finish:

Switch Dock GameCubei_AM_hank

We suppose there are a satisfactory few Super Smash Bros. fans out there who wouldn’t mind an central Switch wharf to embody this in future. Can we suppose rocking adult to a contest with one of these?

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