Published On: Tue, Mar 17th, 2020

Switch Comic Book App InkyPen Adds Vertical Mode And More In New Update

InkyPen, a Nintendo Switch app that serves as an ever-growing comic book service, has only perceived a code new refurbish that takes it to Version 1.2.0. It’s combined several community-requested facilities and fixes, including a ability to review comics in straight mode.

The straight mode is naturally designed for those who like to review comics in unstable mode, though we can also use it when a system’s docked. Imagine a TATE mode shmup regulating a rotated TV or monitor, though you’re reading a comic instead. Neat.


Here’s all you’ll find in a update:

Patch records for refurbish 1.2.0:


  • Massive speedup of focus responsiveness in many use cases.
  • Better doing of networking for faster browsing.
  • Added support for reading comics in mural mode. The user can now select to stagger a comics 90 degrees on screen, in both handheld and docked.
  • Updated calm is now noted with a ‘New’ badge.
  • ZL and ZR can now also be used to navigate when reading comics, doing a conflicting of a L and R reflection for one handed reading with a right Joy Con.
  • You can now download a comic array from a array view.
  • Multiple device sync support is now here.
  • Long array titles in thumbnails now corkscrew to arrangement a full name.
  • Long array descriptions in thumbnails corkscrew to arrangement a full description.
  • Searches are confirmed after switching between views.


  • InkyPen introduction video check on startup is fixed.
  • Users that have an lapsed or non current subscription can now crop and review a same approach non-logged-in users can.
  • Dropdown now rightly scrolls to a now active component when opened.
  • Signup / login symbol in a menu bar now navigates rightly when regulating shoulder buttons in unknown browsing.
  • Fixed an emanate where a corkscrew position would burst between pages.
  • Verified peculiarity of Brownie recipe in terms of service.

If we haven’t listened about this one before, InkyPen is a free-to-download app accessible from a Switch eShop and has a accumulation of opposite comics to read, some of that can be noticed for free. You can get scrupulously stranded in with a $7.99 / £5.99 monthly subscription to see all it has to offer.

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