Published On: Thu, Mar 15th, 2018

SwiftKey gets stickers

Back in 2016, Microsoft bought a renouned SwiftKey keyboard for Android and iOS for $250 million. It’s still one of a many renouned third-party keyboard on both platforms and today, a association is rising one of a biggest updates given a acquisition. With SwiftKey 7.0,  that is out now, a association is adding stickers — since who doesn’t like stickers?

Going forward, a use will offer a series of plaque packs, including some that can be edited and some that are disdainful to Microsoft, too.

That by itself wouldn’t be all that interesting, of march (and we can already see we rolling your eyes) yet a genuine change here is underneath a hood and sets SwiftKey adult for adding some-more engaging facilities soon. That’s since a stickers will live in a new SwiftKey toolbar, that will reinstate a stream ‘hub,’ a menu where we can change your keyboard’s layout, size, etc. Right now, what we can find there are stickers and collections, that is, a library of stickers, images and other media we like to woe your friends with.

In a nearby future, SwiftKey will use this toolbar to capacitate a series of other new facilities like plcae pity (though usually in a U.S. and India for now) and calendar sharing.

“We sojourn committed to creation unchanging typing as quick and easy as possible,” writes Chris Wolfe, Principal Product Manager during SwiftKey in today’s announcement. “Today’s recover of Toolbar, Stickers and Collections, as good as a proclamation of Location and Calendar, also shows a aspiration to urge users’ knowledge of abounding media. With a support of Microsoft, we can design to see more innovations in both unchanging and abounding media typing coming soon”

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