Published On: Thu, Jul 13th, 2017

SuperData: Destiny 2 Will Sell 3 Million Digital Copies in 3 Months on PC

SuperData, a gaming attention investigate firm, suggested currently their guess that Destiny 2 will sell between 4 and 5 million digital units opposite PC and console in a initial 3 months of digital sales. Apparently, 3 million copies are approaching to be purchased on PC only.

In building their forecast, SuperData evaluated a opening of Destiny 1 on console and how it compared to other AAA titles that launched during a same time period. The foresee also takes into comment a approaching early Sep launch date of a title, a impact of a Battlenet recover on PC and macro-level digital download trends.

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This research comes from a newly expelled SuperData Forecaster, that provides a quantitative research of chronological sell-through opposite 500+ titles, enabling a some-more accurate guess of destiny success for arriving titles. The Forecaster takes into care a authorization historically as good as publisher, genre, sales for prior titles, sum monthly active users and critic’s reviews, among other factors that change sales performance.

Destiny 2, a supplement to Bungie’s 2014 hit, will be accessible for beta contrast subsequent week on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with pre-order business carrying early entrance to it. The final diversion will launch on those platforms on Sep 6th.

PC gamers, on a other hand, will have to wait a bit longer. Their beta exam is due someday in Aug and Destiny 2’s recover on PC (via has been finalized for Oct 24th.

That said, this will positively spin out to be a decisive chronicle of a game, as forked out by Kai in his E3 2017 hands-on preview. Whereas Destiny 2 will run during 30fps even on PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X, on PC there will be unbarred support rate, 21:9 Ultrawide support and many other bespoke features.

Will a diversion sell as most as SuperData is predicting? We’ll know shortly enough.

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