Published On: Wed, Apr 15th, 2020

Super Pixel Racers Brings Nostalgic Top-Down Arcade Racing To Switch This Week

Super Pixel Racers looks like it could good be value a go when it launches on Switch after this week.

With 2D pixel graphics and a 16-bit soundtrack certain to have we reminiscing over a good aged days, Super Pixel Racers has players holding on a operation of opposite competition styles. You can use any loot we make to buy new cars with their possess particular pushing qualities and ascent schemes. The aim here is to try out opposite cars and find a character that suits your personification character a best.

Here’s a demeanour during a competition styles we can design to enjoy, as good as some other accessible features:

  • Rally Cross: Classic competition opposite adult to 7 other drivers
  • Rally: Reach checkpoints on a procedurally generated outside track
  • Land Rush: Be in front of a container when a time ends
  • Takedown: Destroy a other cars
  • Hunt: Chase a aim down
  • Drift Show: Score points by drifting
  • Thirteen Unique Racetracks: From dried dunes to a city streets. A horde of singular pixel environments set a theatre for some truly super pixel racing.
  • Hone your drifting, measure some Nitro: The some-more we drift, a quicker your nitro sign fills up. Use it for an present strike of speed; equally useful for dodging obstacles or slamming into opponents.
  • Vehicle Damage Explosion Mechanics: In-race collisions outcome in manifest repairs to your pixel racer. Once a automobile takes too many hits, it goes adult in flames!

The diversion is set to launch on Switch this Thursday, 16th April. You can collect it adult for $14.99 / £11.69, nonetheless a 10% bonus is accessible if we squeeze it from a eShop before launch.

Like a demeanour of this one? Think you’ll take it for a spin? Tell us below.

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