Published On: Sun, Oct 1st, 2017

Super Lucky’s Tale Hands-on Preview – From VR with Love

From a initial impulse we saw Lucky, a darling diminutive fox-thing, we wanted to adore him. Perhaps it’s my nostalgia for 90s mascot characters, platformers, or a barbarous multiple of a two; mascot platformers. Lucky should’ve been a mascot for a new age, an age of practical reality. Well, looks like his Oculus exclusivity is adult since Lucky is now strutting his things on Microsoft’s Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

If you’re not informed with Lucky and his story already, afterwards Lucky’s Tale is a 3D platformer that expelled exclusively on a Oculus Store for Oculus Rift a while back, it didn’t accurately get blockbuster reviews, though few people complained about Lucky’s twee adventure.

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Fast brazen to a benefaction day, and Microsoft are touting Super Lucky’s Tale as a console exclusive, rendered during local 4K on a Xbox One X – really imagination indeed. And while that is all true, it’s tough to disremember a fact that this is still an knowledge that was built from a ground-up for VR.

The approach camera angles vessel out and give far-reaching shots of extraordinary views, juxtaposed with Lucky’s little impression model; these are too apparently VR money-shots, hand-picked angles that make a many of VR and a combined abyss and perspective. Of course, all of this is mislaid while personification Super Lucky’s Tale on a 4K TV, notwithstanding how good it all looks.

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And good it positively does look, edges are as well-spoken or as pointy as one would pattern in 4K, and Lucky is so splendid and easily charcterised that we can’t assistance though grin during him. we can’t contend how it compares opposite a Oculus Rift original, though a arrangement is crisp, colorful and pointy on a 4K display.

Lucky himself isn’t a easiest to control mind – not to contend that there are any control issues, he only doesn’t feel utterly as liquid as we competence pattern from other 3D platformers such as Super Mario. The somewhat close corridors of some of a “trickier” platforming sections aren’t accurately good possibly – once again, an apparent leftover from a VR days that only looks peculiar in a some-more required setting.

But notwithstanding some teenager gripes, it looks like there’ll be fun to be had with Super Lucky’s Tale. It looks good on a Xbox One X and will make a good accompaniment with a large 4K arrangement – it’s only a contrition that some VR diversion pattern leftovers demeanour peculiar but VR.

Super Lucky’s Tale will be accessible on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC on Nov 7th.

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