Published On: Thu, Mar 28th, 2019

Super Blood Hockey Brings Brutal Arcade Action To Switch Next Month

Super Blood Hockey and a retro-flavoured assault to Nintendo Switch subsequent month.

Described as “a aroused loyalty to classical 8- and 16-bit ice hockey games” Super Blood Hockey lets we customise your line-up, take to a ice, and use fast-paced skills and bone-crunching savagery to browbeat a game. You can take partial in a singular actor tournament, or contest opposite friends in four-player internal multiplayer.

The new console chronicle even facilities dieting, showering, and some pretty shady performance-enhancing drugs. But hey, it’s usually a video game, right? Here are some pivotal features:

Key Features
– Use higher skating, positioning, plan and blood-splattering violence
– Take on a universe in a tellurian tournament, where disaster formula in execution
– Varied hurdles and scenarios, including Turbo Mode and 12 vs 12 Mega Rumble
– Paint a ice with a blood of your friends in 4-player internal multiplayer
– Franchise Mode: Create, partisan and conduct your possess tradition group of inmates in a unconventional universe of dystopic blood sports
– Enjoy a retro beats of an strange soundtrack by chiptunist Shawn Daley

As remarkable above, this one will arrive on Switch someday in Apr (the date hasn’t been bound only yet). It’ll afterwards launch on PS4 and Xbox One in Q2 2019.

What do we think? Will we be giving this one a go? Share your thoughts with us in a comments.

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