Published On: Wed, Aug 19th, 2015

Study Says 80% Of Apple Watch Users Are Already Using Apple Pay

Well it turns out that people who are peaceful to dump hundreds or thousands of dollars on gadgets like to use gadgets to spend some-more dollars.

An exclamation point-laden news expelled currently from Wristly, an classification that Apple has cited in a past, minute a flattering considerable impact that Apple Watch has had on adoption of a Apple Pay service. The data, that comes from a survey of 1,000 respondents, also suggests that consumers with Apple Watches indeed uncover a welfare for selling during retailers that concede them to use Apple Pay.

The consult finds that 19% of Watch owners tried out Apple Pay for a initial time on their Watch, and that 80% of Watch users altogether have used the service. Frequent use of a use is also flattering high with 78% of Watch/Pay users stating that they use a use on during slightest a weekly basis.

For a 20% of owners that have nonetheless to make a jump, a tip reason cited was Apple Pay’s miss of support for their personal bank. Further dissecting a non-users, Wristly’s commentary also fact that “only about 5% of Apple Watch users are doubtful to use Apple Pay.”

This isn’t all that startling as people peaceful to make a thrust for a Apple Watch are expected flattering low into a Apple ecosystem and looking to get a many out of what it offers. Still, 80% is a flattering impressive adoption rate, yet I’d be meddlesome to see information on Apple Pay adoption among iPhone users altogether as well.

What truly is startling is what a investigate has to contend about Apple Watch users’ zeal to use Apple Pay over other remuneration methods. The investigate shows that 62% of Watch users cite to do business with merchants that use Apple Pay over others and that 86% of users actively demeanour for Apple Pay support when they’re creation a sell purchase.

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