Published On: Sat, May 7th, 2022

Stripe is personification checkers with Plaid

Hello and acquire behind to Equity, a podcast about a business of startups, where we empty a numbers and shade behind a headlines.

The organisation was behind during full-speed, and maybe even full fad meets exhaustion, this week. Alex Wilhelm, Natasha Mascarenhas and Mary Ann Azevedo were on a mic with dignified and revise support from a wonderful Grace. If we had to give this partial a possess journal we’d call it: “Drama, tech chatter and healing moments in between.”

We got into a whole ton of news, including:

  • Musk’s new best friends behind his $44 billion bid for Twitter — and because one of them is substantially experiencing déjà vu.
  • For deals of a week, Natasha spoke about Line’s play for some-more thorough fintech, Mary Ann got into Truist profitable courtesy (and money) to a fintech startup and Alex took us to a song universe with a latest on SoundCloud’s suspicion bubbles. 
  • Then we talked about how digital health startups are fresh for a post-Roe world, and that companies to compensate courtesy to. (Insider tip: We’re holding about this subject in some-more abyss on Equity Wednesday, entrance adult subsequent week!)
  • Next up, how early can early-stage investors go? Recent news from Backstage Capital includes a miracle and a postponement — and has us scratching a heads on what other pivots we might see from investment firms.
  • Finally, we finished with a favorite partial of a uncover and spoke about a latest Stripe and Plaid drama. The dual companies went from partners to competitors this week, and we speak about a tensions that result.

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