Published On: Fri, May 29th, 2020

Strictly Limited Is Resurrecting A Lost Classic From The Creator Of Wonder Boy On Switch

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Update: Forgive us for digging adult a post from 2017, though Strictly Limited Games has only posted a initial screens from Aquario of a Clockwork:

Expect some-more news on when we’ll be means to play this long-lost gem soon.

Original Story [Thu 30th Nov, 2017 14:20 GMT]: Limited Run Games is famous with collectors for a operation of earthy releases of digital titles, though a association now has some foe in this arena.

German-based Strictly Limited Games has announced a goal to tell a new earthy diversion any month, with a accurate imitation array of each recover being disclosed openly, with no reprints likely. Strictly Limited will also offer strange art prints and soundtracks, depending on a games.

The company’s opening releases are Tokyo 42 on PlayStation 4 and Umihara Kawase on PS Vita, though a many sparkling news is that a association is operative with Wonder Boy creator Ryuichi Nishizawa on a earthy recover of one of his “never before seen” games.

While acknowledgment is approaching soon, we’d be peaceful to gamble a plantation on this being a mythological Aquario of a Clockwork, which, it was reliable a while back, M2 has a source files for.

We approached Strictly Limit’s co-founder Dennis Mendel to ask if a organisation had skeleton for Switch, and were told:

A few weeks ago we had a invitation to revisit Nintendo of Europe’s Headquarter in Frankfurt, Germany. The subsequent day we were strictly protected for Nintendo Switch.

There are several games that we intend to tell for Nintendo Switch, one of them is a nonetheless to be suggested “mystery project” by a creator of Wonder Boy.

We also have skeleton to work with Toshinobu Kondo from Studio Saizensen on something associated to Umihara Kawase (a array that started on Nintendo Super Famicom in 1994).

It seems that Strictly Limited has big skeleton for Switch, and if a “mystery game” does indeed spin out to be Aquario, afterwards it will make a lot of Nishizawa fans very happy. What do we consider a diversion will be? Let us know with a comment.

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