Published On: Mon, May 25th, 2020

Streets Of Rage 4’s Dotemu Is Working On Three Unannounced Projects


The 3 companies behind kick ’em adult reconstruction Streets of Rage 4 hold an AMA on reddit final week and suggested some sum per their skeleton for a game, as good as hinting about arriving projects.

Dotemu, Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games took partial in a thread, and many of a questions focused on DLC skeleton for a game. It’s been formerly settled that Guard Crush had ideas for additional content, and given a comfortable accepting from fans and critics (we unequivocally most enjoyed a game), it seems like usually a matter of time before we see some DLC.

Dotemu CEO Cyrille Imbert reiterated that nonetheless there are intentions to emanate some-more content, zero is set in mill only yet:

We have many ideas, and we unequivocally wish to supplement some-more calm in a future. But zero has been motionless yet, so we are listening to we and will let we know “what” and “when” soon

Responding to a doubt from reddit user Cpt_Legs, Imbert after suggested that Dotemu is already operative on some-more ‘similar’ projects:

Depending on how good 4 does, are sequels presumably going to be discussed or was this always designed as a one-off revival?

Hey there! We haven’t discussed it nonetheless though we’d like to initial concentration on SoR4 and continue to supplement content. But during Dotemu we are now operative on 3 unanounced identical projects, so stay tuned

Among other things, a teams also discussed:

  • the reason Skate/Sammy didn’t seem in SOR4 (“we didn’t wish to dedicate to a visible pattern (like him appearing in a cutscene) though meditative of a his gameplay potential. Because if we uncover him, people will wish him playable” – Guard Crush Games’ Bo Samson)
  • the probability of Streets of Rage 3‘s fighting marsupial Roo being playable in a destiny (“We will cruise it” – Guard Crush’s Cyrille Lagarigue)
  • and how Comix Zone is doubtful to be Lizardcube’s subsequent SEGA array reconstruction (“I never played Comix zone. we [sic] looks and feel like a good diversion though I’m not certain we would go creation a diversion we have no tie with” – artist Ben Fiquet).

So, if Comix Zone is off a table, what do we consider these ‘similar’ projects could be? There were copiousness of suggestions to be found in a AMA, though let us know subsequent what aged authorization we would like Dotemu and co. to revitalise next.

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