Published On: Wed, Dec 16th, 2020

Strava raises $110 million, touts expansion rate of 2 million new users per month in 2020

Activity and aptness tracking height Strava has lifted $110 million in new funding, in a Series F turn led by TCV and Sequoia, and including appearance by Dragoneer group, Madrone Capital Partners, Jackson Square Ventures and Go4it Capital. The appropriation will be used to propel a expansion of new features, and enhance a company’s strech to cover even some-more users.

Already in 2020, Strava has seen poignant growth. The association claims that it has combined some-more than 2 million new “athletes” (how Strava refers to a users) per month in 2020. The association positions a activity tracking as focused on a village and networking aspects of a app and service, with facilities like practical competitions and village goal-setting as deputy of that approach.

Strava has 70 million members, according to a company, with participation in 195 countries globally. The association debuted a new Strava Metro use progressing this year, leveraging a information it collects from a users in an many-sided and anonymized approach to yield city planners and travel managers with profitable information about how people get around their cities and communities — all giveaway for these governments and open agencies to use, once they’re authorized for entrance by Strava.

The company’s uptick in new user adds in 2020 is expected due during slightest in partial to COVID-19, that saw a ubiquitous boost in a series of people posterior outside activities, including cycling and running, quite during a commencement of a pestilence when some-more assertive lockdown measures were being put in place. As we see a expected lapse of many of those some-more assertive measures due to surges in certain cases globally, gym closures could incite even some-more seductiveness in outside activity — yet winter’s outcome on that ardour among users in colder climates will be engaging to watch.

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Strava’s app is accessible giveaway on iOS and Android, with in-app purchases accessible for reward subscription features.

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