Published On: Mon, Jun 11th, 2018

Stitch Fix CEO doesn’t seem disturbed about Amazon

Speaking during a Code Conference today, Stitch Fix CEO Katarina Lake did not demonstrate most regard over Amazon and a opening into conform with Prime Wardrobe. Lake says that while she does consider about Amazon, that Amazon offers a “fundamentally different” value proposition.

With Amazon, Lake said, a value tender is about carrying a “sea of choice.” With Stitch Fix, “in a lot of ways ours is roughly a opposite,” she said.

Stitch Fix is an e-commerce association that aims to figure out your personal character and afterwards send we a handful of equipment a association thinks you’ll like. As a side note, this product has worked horribly for me though utterly good for some other people.

Stitch Fix went open final year and partial of being public, Lake said, is carrying fiduciary avocation to do what is best for a association and a shareholders. With that in mind, Lake said, “I can’t contend never” on offered to Amazon, “but we consider this is a association that has a lot of value in and of itself.”

To date, Stitch Fix has not “had any critical discussions around mixing companies” with Amazon.

“Right now, we feel unequivocally assured on a trail that we’re on,” Lake said.

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