Published On: Sat, May 23rd, 2020

Steve Case and Clara Sieg on how a COVID-19 predicament differs from a dot-com bust

Steve Case and Clara Sieg of Revolution recently spoke on TechCrunch’s new series, Extra Crunch Live. Throughout a hour-long chat, we overwhelmed on countless subjects, including how opposite founders can take advantage during this downturn and how remote work might lead to expansion outward Silicon Valley. The dual have a singular vantage point, with Steve Case, co-founder and former CEO of AOL incited VC, and Clara Sieg, a Stanford-educated VC streamer adult Revolution’s Silicon Valley office.

Together, Case and Sieg laid out how a stream predicament is opposite from a dot-com bust of a late nineties. Because of a differences, their opinion is bullish on a tech sector’s ability to lift through.

And for everybody who couldn’t join us live, a full video replay is embedded below. (You can get entrance here if we need it.)

Case pronounced that during a run-up to a dot-com bust, it was a opposite environment.

“When we got started during AOL, that was behind in 1985, a internet didn’t exist yet,” Case said. “I consider 3% of people were online or online an hour a week. And it took us a decade to get going. By a year 2000, that is arrange of a rise of AOL’s success, we had about half of all a U.S. internet traffic, and a marketplace value soared. That’s when suddenly, when any association with a dot-com name was removing funded. Many were going open but even carrying most in a approach of revenues. That’s not we’re traffic with now.”

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