Published On: Sat, Jan 28th, 2017

Steep Update 1.04 Brings in a New Map and World Tour Tournament

Some uninformed powder is coming. A few hours ago, Ubisoft announced new sum for a arriving Steep 1.04 Update, new map, and online tournament.

Riders from all over can extract in a Steep World Tour Tournament, a monthly village foe for a open-world snowboarding game.

Steep straps we into a boots of a sobriety defying snowboarding in an open-world opposite other like-minded disturb seekers as we contest in a series of races and challenges. The movement will not be singular to skiing and snowboarding, so pattern to fly around a towering around paragliding and wing-suits.

The initial foe ‘Backcountry’ has challengers strech 5000 points while drifting down a fraudulent mountain in sequence to strech a second leg of a tournament. The tip 32 players on any height will face off opposite any other and win Steep credits.

The Steep development team will also be contributing their possess challenges into Community Challenges that has gotten a possess update.

Last though not least, the new Alaska map will be expelled on Feb 10th for free. It will enclose Branded Challenges in that players can acquire credits and repute points.

Steep is accessible now on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. Update 1.04 goes live on Feb 10th. The diversion designers were kind adequate to yield a integrate of videos explaining a latest

We reviewed the diversion final month, we praised a open-world pattern though had issues with a controls:

Steep delivers good fun for winter sports diversion fans, nonetheless it can be a small formidable to find among a outrageous map and treacherous tutorial/interface. What Ubisoft has attempted to accomplish is mostly successful, and fans of winter sports games will find a lot that they commend and a lot that improves on a genre in this towering range.

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