Published On: Wed, Apr 24th, 2019

Stardew Valley’s Next Free Update Will Be "Packed With New Stuff" For More Fun

I’d adore some-more calm in this game. we feel like we get to a certain indicate where we are creation so most money, and you’ve fundamentally grown all that there isn’t most left to do.

I’d like some-more crops to grow, some-more products to craft, some-more animals to raise, some-more buildings to get, and maybe a full blown DLC enlargement that adds some-more to a hollow and a integrate new villagers to correlate with.

Or they could supplement some-more to do with your wife/husband after marriage, some kind of pursuit system. Or your kids could indeed grow adult past “toddler” and could assistance on a farm, or we could send them to propagandize or something.

I forsaken 200 hours into Stardew Valley happily. And we wish more. But a late diversion only starts feeling like you’re doing a same thing perpetually with no some-more progress. Like, once we have a full attic full of barrels aging starfruit booze and a immature residence full of starfruit growing, we know income is NEVER going to be an emanate again.

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