Published On: Tue, Jan 22nd, 2019

Stardew Valley Performance Update Addresses Frame Rate Issues On Bigger Farms

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If you’re still given to your plantation on a daily basement in Stardew Valley, Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone has only expelled a new opening patch for a game. As you’ve substantially already worked out, it’s a patch that improves a game’s altogether performance. Over on Twitter, Barone pronounced how this refurbish would residence a support rate issues compared with bigger farms.

Below are a full changes in chronicle 1.3.33, pleasantness of a Stardew Valley wiki:


  • Improved opening in locations with lots of light sources (e.g. torches).
  • Improved opening on farms with lots of animals.
  • Tweaked new “H” health icon.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multiplayer visible glitch when another actor uses a apparatus and afterwards starts relocating in a new direction.
  • Fixed “fishing stance” visible glitches in multiplayer.

The diversion should have already auto-updated on your Switch, else we can manually refurbish it from a HOME Menu.

Are we still personification Stardew on a Switch? Have we attempted out multiplayer yet? Tell us below.

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